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Synonyms for gaudiness

strident color or excessive ornamentation


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But Jennifer believed they were above gaudiness. She was Junior League.
This year's crop of Ganeshes -- about 13,000 of them, according to the evening news -- stood out for its gaudiness.
That Steenkamp was a beauty whose face appeared in advertisements around the world, and who was a celebrity in South Africa in her own right, invests the tragedy with a gaudiness that will guarantee Pistorius' fall a place on newspaper front pages on every continent.
(27) In his Advertisement to the 1798 Lyrical Ballads, Wordsworth famously decried the "gaudiness and inane phraseology of many modern writers," and attested instead to his poetry's language of common man.
Many famous marriages are but a display of wealth and gaudiness. This was a fairytale ending which deserved to be shared with the whole world.
One friend recalled a Lonmin executive whose obligatory Rolex watch and Mercedes typified the heedless gaudiness of money in such a divided country.
A contemporary described his direct style as "a complete art without tinsel or gaudiness".
This grocery store is so big, its gaudiness scares me, the choice it offers flatters me.
And as first support act Shockolady came on to belt out Elton John numbers in karaoke fashion the impression of gaudiness was only further entrenched.
If this scene would traditionally call for a response in the vein of a choral hymn, patriotically extolling the heroic accomplishments of civil engineering, the girls' sartorial gaudiness interferes with this script and undermines the showiness of the dam project.
The garish shrines, the clanging temple bells heard above the din of the marketplace, the unexpected whiff of night jasmine after the stench of urine remind me that God is everywhere, woven into the gaudiness and muck of daily life.
It stands out from the crowd with a clean elegance and tastefully avoids any hint of gaudiness. In contrast to 'Bling' which uses holographic technology to accent the printing, 'Radiance' makes use of the print to accent the holography.
The next stop is Ahtopol-a mass resort, once overgrown with fig trees, wild and compact, now the epicentre of the traditional seaside kitsch, gaudiness and-sadly-construction, household and all other kinds of refuse.