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Synonyms for gaudily

in a tastelessly garish manner

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This is a book that recognises that children can be discerning readers of high-quality non-fiction rather than consumers of gaudily presented facts.
Even the poorer, grimy parts of Husnabad are dressed up gaudily and sanitised.
The prisoners were all gaudily clad and attracted a great deal of attention at the police court.
In the silvery shadows, sculpted on stony sepulchres, gaudily gilded by heavenly light, were the names of scions of the Lee Harvey family, who lived at nearby Castle Semple House during the Victorian era.
Some images were hand-colored by over-painting, often much too gaudily to be of any real ethnographical or cultural interest, detracting greatly from their original integrity and worth.
An outsize breast was laid on the rough stone floor, covered in a synthetic pigment of the same cerulean hue; its nipple was fused with a gaudily decorated acrylic nail.
There's always a danger of something this technically impressive overwhelming the action, but it's ideal for purpose here, switching from the more gaudily lit '70s sequences to the more subtle sets of today.
The boy welcomes a stranger to their house one night, the gaudily dressed Mrs.
And she wasn't gaudily dressed and brazen like the tinworks' girls.
He thinks being the President of the United States will give him plenty of time to improve his swing and dress even more gaudily than usual.
Howard, for his part, appears to have shot the proceedings through a slightly yellowed 1990s filter: The tone and aesthetic here often recall that era's odd spate of gaudily portentous, pseudo-theological thrillers in the vein of "End of Days" and "Stigmata."
What, in New York, did Sean O'Casey say was 'disconsolate in the daytime; but gaudily glorious at night'?
More generally, voters are not impressed by Modi's transformation from the chai-wallah (tea-seller) of the election campaign, who had sacrificed domestic bliss to serve the nation, into an omnipresent, gaudily attired celebrity hobnobbing with other bold-face names.