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a cowboy of the South American pampas

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Dubai being quite a young market, we felt that we needed to do some drastic changes in the lounge area to keep Gaucho in people's minds and build on what we felt were a positive first couple of years.
March 28: El Gaucho chef Steve Cain will take the Alaska Airlines Chef's Stage at 4:00 PM to teach guests how to prepare dishes such as El Gaucho Wicked Shrimp using Stella Artois lager.
Gauchos are Argentina's version of the North American cowboy.
La transformacion del gaucho en simbolo nacional hacia principios del siglo veinte es ironica porque varias de sus cualidades, entre ellas la rebeldia y la lealtad regional, socavan la autoridad central durante un periodo de consolidacion politica e ideologica.
Ate 2008 Anahy de Las Misiones foi o filme gaucho que mais provocou interesse entre os pesquisadores no Rio Grande do Sul, resultando em duas dissertacoes de Mestrado, ambas no PPG em Comunicacao da PUCRS: Dissonancia no pampa--a saga de Anahy de las Misiones na representacao cinematografica da identidade gaucha de Vitor Manoel Necchi dos Santos Alves (2005); e A Questao da autoria nos filmes de Sergio Silva: diretor e equipe na construcao da obra cinematografica de Liangela Carret Xavier (2006).
Gaucho will bring its distinctive menu to Beirut's 120-seat restaurant, featuring the award-winning Argentine Ceviches -- 'the new sushi', traditional Empanadas and renowned steak cuts from the finest free-range Argentine Aberdeen Angus Beef.
gaucho in order to study its intrasexual aggressiveness and to explore the possible influences of the male-male interactions on the lifestyle of recluse spiders.
Like the Stampede, the Vaquero and the Cowboy, the Gaucho foregoes the traditional firing pin on the hammer nose and has a modern transfer bar firing mechanism and frame-mounted firing pin.
In sum, the Gaucho brings a unique--sometimes overpowering--flavor to the Little Rock dining scene.
In 2000 Gaucho was also approved for use on corn and was then replaced by the Poncho[R] products in 2003.
EL GAUCHO INSUFRIBLE, as the world of Hispanic letters knows, was the last book Roberto Bolano (1953-2003) delivered to his publisher.
Suppliers David Bell Seeds and British Seed Houses have secured from New Zealand quantities of Maris Kestrel treated with Gaucho, a systemic, seed-applied insecticide containing the highly effective active ingredient imidacloprid.
Caudillo and Gaucho Insurgency during the Argentine State-Formation Process (La Rioja), 1853-1870.
A tango section opens with three men arrogantly entering the stage, broad-brimmed gaucho hats stylishly at an angle.
11, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The winter holidays are a favorite time of year for El Gaucho because these special celebrations give opportunities to gather together and create memories whether at one of our special events or when our guests choose to spend a holiday meal with us at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year's Eve.