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either of two amphibious reptiles related to crocodiles but with shorter broader snouts

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The GATOR Course provides exceptional handson classroom training and challenging practical scenarios built from actual EOD operations occurring in-theater within the past few months.
"As a leading international organization it's important to be associated with the pedigree and history of such events as the Gator Bowl," says Kevin Kern, vice president of product planning and marketing for Konica Minolta.
The CVT in the Gator TH 6x4 drives the center axle that simultaneously drives the second rear axle through a chain system, thus providing four-wheel drive.
And that success has been found by not only protecting gator habitat but the surrounding upland areas as well.
Pediatric cardiologist Patrick Frias majored in theology at Creighton University but is a die-hard University of Florida fan who admits he prays the Gators will win big games.
John Deere (Williamsburg, VA), which has been manufacturing Gator[R] utility vehicles for nearly a decade, was no stranger to powder coating, having used the environmentally compliant technology on Gators and other heavy equipment in its extensive line.
Beyond his obvious talent, Gator was a camera-ready daredevil with a self-confident smirk and a sun-bronzed, wiry physique.
Then she pulled the board to shore, as the gator trailed behind." Edna's mother, Nancy, was told of the attack by two boys.
Software which filters out adverts is nothing new, but Gator (www.
It's called Gator, and what it does is monitor your browser, watching for banner adverts.
The city's newest crimefighter is the "Gator," a redesigned John Deere model that easily negotiates existing pathways and low-ceiling areas under bridges in the riverfront area.
In the water, the gator is holding its toothy jaws open, waiting for a chance to chomp down on any of the scientist's appendages.
Current alligator breeding is considered research, but the Youngs will look to sell hides and meat if their gator population booms in the future.
Nicknamed Chance the Snapper, the gator weighs about 40 pounds and measures 5 feet, 3 inches long, and put up "a little bit" of a fight, said Robb.