gateway drug

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a habit-forming drug that is not addictive but its use may lead to the use of other addictive drugs

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finally removed cannabis from its list of gateway drugs."
But it was a mere gateway drug. Now, she is asking for a tablet.
"Earmarks are the gateway drug to spending addiction," ( said Sen.
Hopefully it can be a gateway drug for a captivated new layer of loyalists to brave the Riverside next season.
"There really is a straight-line relationship between the opioid crisis - and the next crisis we'll have - with the gateway drug, alcohol."
Leather goods are the most lucrative part of the luxury goods market (more than 80 per cent of Louis Vuitton's revenue comes from accessories), with handbags the gateway drug -- it's what flags up your allegiance to a brand, while getting you hooked.
Andrew Cuomo last year called marijuana a "gateway drug" while expressing concerns about legalization, but he has since shown more willingness to consider it and ordered the study on legalization earlier this year.<br />Cuomo's opponents have called his shifting stance on legalizing marijuana a political ploy.<br />"There are serious questions to be answered about marijuana; they should be answered by serious people without a political agenda," said Katy Delgado, the spokeswoman for Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro.
Simply put, the game is a gateway drug. If you get on it, then you'll soon be hooked onto the MOBA scene and who knows, a couple of months down the line, we just might catch you in some LoL match calling the enemy Garen's mom a @#$%^.
This will be no doubt misinformation about how cannabis causes paranoia and is a gateway drug.
Marijuana is considered a gateway drug used to entice students before they are introduced to more potent drugs like 'shabu' (crystal meth), Atienza said.
25 (ANI): A new research has found that Cannabis might not be the vilified 'gateway drug' it is widely thought to be.
The "gateway drug" charge also has less validity now that cannabis is not universally demonized.
A new acolyte of the history of the Mongol Empire will find it enjoyable and may recommend it to a friend, thus serving as a "gateway drug," but scholars of the Mongol Empire will be better served elsewhere.
In one recent study 80 percent of heroin users said opiates were their gateway drug. Another report revealed six percent of patients with a one-day supply of opioids were still taking the drug a year later.
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