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either of two amphibious reptiles related to crocodiles but with shorter broader snouts

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These young and supporting with training at the increasing access to social Raising what these people do for their crucial because there People are often amazed when they learn how much young carers do to help their families Brigitte Gater, Action for Children
The issue of tic* in sales, said Gater, "is the most pervasive problem inherent in allowing financial institutions to market insurance agents arc faced with unfair competition.
Rob Gater is promoted to the new role of Head of Convenience and Export.
That's what inspired partially-paralysed social worker, Lee-Anne Gater of Durbanm, to seek ways to protect herself from the lightning-fast car robbers that prey on mainly female drivers in South Africa's city streets.
Steve Gater, marketing manager at the malt's distributor First Drinks Brands, said: "Over the next five years we intend to build the style and substance of the brand.
The manifesto's aims are backed by Joanne's head teacher, Steve Gater.
Gater held that bow back so long his muscles began quivering uncontrollably.
Kevin Livingston, editor of the Golden Gater at San Francisco State University, has filed a criminal complaint with police against a campus organization in connection with the theft of 6,000 copies of the paper, apparently in objection to a headline over a letter to the editor.
And another Gater, speaking on the videotaped suicide note, honestly said, ``Thirty-nine to beam up.
Gater examines how librarians position themselves as partners in the academic enterprise.
Instead, Gater is writing to the manager who needs to install a high-end publishing system, one of the big ones, such as Itek.
We've already done promotions with race publications such as Gater News and Flat Out Magazine as well as sponsors such as Hot Stuff Foods and Hoosier Racing Tires.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Varsadi Pani ni Gater Line At Different Area At Songadh Nagar Palika
Brigitte Gater, operational director of children's services for Action for Children in Wales, said "It's troubling to see that so many parents feel isolated.
Ms Gater said these can offer a crucial lifeline to parents who feel isolated by providing somewhere to meet and make friends.