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either of two posts that bound a gate

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AWNW member organisations joined forces to create the distinctive gatepost signs as part of the special Animals, Land and You initiative, launched last year at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair.
Forty-one-year-old Wojciech Lech was also fined PS420 and the sheriff at Dumfries was told that PS984 had already been paid for the repairs to the gatepost.
Looking at Adil Writer's work, it is as if he has gathered together the imagined personalities of these gateposts in a conclave.
And then there's the creepy appearance of a star on Rachel's gatepost. Her sister Alison (Sally Lindsay) is scared witless and arms herself with a bat.
3.15 Chester Sporting (50:30:20:10) 11-14 Kingsgate Choice, Last Sovereign, 9-12 Gatepost, 8-11 Noble Storm, Silvanus, 7-9 Mister Manannan, Forest Edge, Decision By One, Foxy Music, 6-8 Ubetterbegood, Captain Dunne, 5-7 Head Space, 2-4 Fitz Flyer.
"It means that if farmers bump into anything, like a gatepost, they're less likely to crack, unlike some of the harder shells used by other manufacturers," he said.
A simple way to fix this without having to reset the gatepost or rehang the gate is to securely nail two small poles or boards on either side of the latch hole on the gatepost.
When he returned and realised the bag had still not been claimed, he hung it on a gatepost.
Summary: A three-year-old girl has died after being trapped between her mother's car and a gatepost in a school car park.
"With deepest sympathy to your family." Amber had just got out of her mother's Toyota at the nursery when the vehicle appeared to roll back, crushing her against a gatepost in the car park.
She had earlier crashed her car at Jack Nicholson's Hollywood Hills home, when she drove her Mercedes into a gatepost outside the property, while escaping the paparazzi.
Four people died and one was critically injured when their minivehicle slammed into a factory gatepost early Monday at the side of a prefectural road in Kitano, Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan, police said.
The new building is inevitably a landmark, and the position makes it a gatepost for city and both universities.
But things get worse for her when a star appears on her gatepost.