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either of two posts that bound a gate

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I'd eaten too much, and my thoughts kept returning to the sign on the gatepost.
When the man of the house returned from the neighborhood pub, he was greeted at the gatepost by houseleeks.
It means that if farmers bump into anything, like a gatepost, they're less likely to crack, unlike some of the harder shells used by other manufacturers," he said.
The Coventry Stakes would look his most obvious next stop at next month's summer showpiece meeting, but with Koukash set to be represented in that race by Mick Channon's unbeaten Gatepost, decisions need to be made.
A simple way to fix this without having to reset the gatepost or rehang the gate is to securely nail two small poles or boards on either side of the latch hole on the gatepost.
When he returned and realised the bag had still not been claimed, he hung it on a gatepost.
Summary: A three-year-old girl has died after being trapped between her mother's car and a gatepost in a school car park.
Amber had just got out of her mother's Toyota at the nursery when the vehicle appeared to roll back, crushing her against a gatepost in the car park.
She had earlier crashed her car at Jack Nicholson's Hollywood Hills home, when she drove her Mercedes into a gatepost outside the property, while escaping the paparazzi.
He is also a writer of short fiction (Lady by the Gatepost, 1993) and poetry.
Four people died and one was critically injured when their minivehicle slammed into a factory gatepost early Monday at the side of a prefectural road in Kitano, Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan, police said.
The new building is inevitably a landmark, and the position makes it a gatepost for city and both universities.
Phallic Porthcawl skate park causes Facebook stir after being spotted on Google Maps You REALLY REALLY REALLY should take a look at Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station from above Ian Judas Pritchard the mind boggles lol Hazel Davies Abandoned kitten found tied to a gatepost We managed to rehome 2 of the last lot of kittens abandoned in Pentwyn at the beginning of the year, it took 2 weeks until they settled down, now they are the friendliest and cutest cats you could wish for Al Whiston Poor little sod
The gatepost stones at Church of the Holy Saviour, in Lemington, Newcastle, have been there since the place of worship was built 175 years ago.
Beebe was competing in the Rally of the Midlands at Merevale when his MG ZR 160 suffered a blow-out, lurched into a gatepost and completed a double rollover before landing on its wheels.