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someone who controls access to something

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He joined the company in December 2014 and places candidates in a variety of construction roles across South Wales, including labourers, forklift operators and gatemen.
These included the city's police, JW Hindson and Sons for printing the programme, the General Bill Posting Company and Newcastle Chronicle Ltd for advertising the game, gatemen, attendants and the referee, a Mr Nattrass from Seaham in County Durham, and the pipe band of the 12th battalion (Tyneside Scottish).
What must the gatemen have been thinking as they wheeled a scooter up one of the San Siro's vast ramps?
Many male citizens migrate to cities like Abuja and Lagos where they work as gatemen 'maiguards' .
Officials, gatemen and police did their best to hold them back but, hopelessly outnumbered, they were finally overrun.
Written test for 100 posts of assistant drivers was scheduled for April 26, 25 TCR posts on April 29, 45 posts of points man from April 30 to May 4, while interviews for ten posts of gatemen were scheduled for May 5 to 9.
Every visitor had to obtain a pass from me or one of my men to give to the gatemen to gain access.
Andreoli was the starting left fielder for the Wareham Gatemen of the Cape Cod Baseball League this summer and was a CCBL All-Star.
Of the two lakh vacancies, nearly one lakh were in Group D posts like trackmen and gatemen.
They used to hitch a ride on top of coaches so the gatemen couldn't see them and then jump off when the coach stopped in the car park.
Thanks to everyone who donated, including the generous Rugby gatemen and fans.
It's a team effort from Carson all the way down to the receptionists, the stewards, the gatemen.
MCC's most pleasing innovation of recent times, apart from gatemen greeting visitors with manners instead of grunts, has been to invite celebrated ex-players to ring the bell five minutes before start of play.
Nearly 700 women served as trackmen, more than 500 as car repairmen helpers, and nearly 250 as watchmen, gatemen, and flagmen.
You need a fully-committed club from the gatemen, the marketing man, the chief executive, the supporters and whole staff pulling in the right direction to turn it around.