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someone who controls access to something

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Karaviotis was a teammate on the Gatemen with pitcher Matt Krook, who returned from Tommy John surgery this summer.
What must the gatemen have been thinking as they wheeled a scooter up one of the San Siro's vast ramps?
It is pertinent to mention the PR is recruiting 566 employees from grade 6 to 11, including 220 sub-engineers, 191 assistant drivers, 35 power van operators, 42 gate keepers and 77 gatemen.
Many male citizens migrate to cities like Abuja and Lagos where they work as gatemen 'maiguards' .
Officials, gatemen and police did their best to hold them back but, hopelessly outnumbered, they were finally overrun.
Written test for 100 posts of assistant drivers was scheduled for April 26, 25 TCR posts on April 29, 45 posts of points man from April 30 to May 4, while interviews for ten posts of gatemen were scheduled for May 5 to 9.
They also have raceday costs employing gatemen and security staff, signage, integrity services and they need an annual surplus in order to invest.
Every visitor had to obtain a pass from me or one of my men to give to the gatemen to gain access.
Andreoli was the starting left fielder for the Wareham Gatemen of the Cape Cod Baseball League this summer and was a CCBL All-Star.
One of the gatemen said Maoists had given him a poster that mentioned two bombs placed on the tracks.
The staff, from gatemen and security to waiters and waitresses, were polite and respectful and played a significant part in the enjoyment of it all.
DUKE Street tenants in 1872 including a sailmaker, a stonemason and two dock gatemen.
IN 1872, Duke Street's historic houses listed tenants including a sailmaker, a stonemason and two dock gatemen.
Official, that is, because capacities on the sub-continent have a habit of being heavily over-subscribed, despite a posse of gatemen and armed guards who make the SS-type turnstile operators at Lord's seem like a welcoming committee.
It was so bad that those brave supporters who bothered to turn up were literally queuing up to be let out, as the gatemen refused to open the doors until 15 minutes from the end.