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a drop-leaf table with the drop-leaves supported by hinged legs

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A The Norden table from IKEA is not only a well-sized gateleg table but has built-in central drawers - great for extra storage.
(0845 123 6789,; Simply extend this Langed gateleg table from 33cm to 143cm long when you need to.
WE ONCE owned an oak gateleg table, then one of the three oldest things in our home, which was made in the middle of the 17th century When I said so once at a family gathering, adding that that was around the time of the Great Fire of London, it prompted the mother-in-law to grimace and suggest that it might once have had some man's severed head lying on it
For outdoor eating, dine in style with the Stirling suite of garden furniture comprising of 120cm octagonal gateleg table, four folding armchairs, Lazy Susan and a parasol.
For example, a gateleg table represents an era when a family used a single piece of furniture for preparing food, eating and working.
For a more expensive option try Dwell's butterfly glass gateleg table at pounds 295 from Dwell stores.
Hampton's European Country Collection for Hickory Chair which debuted in April is said to be patterned after antique pieces Hampton admired in Europe, including: an English gothic detailed bookcase of pine on maple, a Welsh cupboard 6 feet long and 7 feet high, a solid maple trestle dining table with a 1 3/4-inch solid pine top, and a small maple gateleg table with Spanish feet.
Among the prominent wood pieces with either decorated, crackled or distressed finishes were a wedding armoire, pie safe, cannonball bed, butterfly end table, William and Mary gateleg table and a corner cabinet.
For example, a reproduction William and Mary gateleg table typifies an era when a family used a single piece of furniture for preparing food, eating and working.
| Dressers, gateleg tables, sets of chairs: The dining room is likely to continue to lose importance, according to John Andrews, having a detrimental effect on prices of component furniture.
Big gateleg tables and country lowboys, were sought after and the dresser remained a popular piece.
For instance choose a sofa bed, a nest of tables rather than one large one and gateleg tables that can be folded away and quickly opened up at meal times.