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Synonyms for gatekeeper

someone who controls access to something

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"It is most unfortunate that you did not bring me that key only one quarter of an hour sooner," said the gatekeeper, with a sigh.
The last words were addressed to the gatekeeper, who stood quite thunderstruck on hearing Captain Van Deken addressing by the title of Monseigneur this pale young man, to whom he himself had spoken in such a familiar way.
Gatekeeper provides wireless high-resolution video security and safety solutions for in-transit applications, including school buses, municipal transit, first response, and military.
Apple needs to fix the Gatekeeper issue before it grows into a larger problem. Apple's security systems for its Mac devices are known to be the most secure compared to other operating systems.
When people raised their hands to ask follow-up questions, the gatekeeper shut them down.
The veteran gatekeeper is said to be planning to work as an independent non-executive director of funds.
After showing the gatekeeper her son's card for people of determination and repeatedly reminding her that the special visitors are allowed in for free with two people, the gatekeeper referred Mohammed to the security guard claiming that park staff "haven't been informed about the rules".
"This will no longer be a possibility if the closing time is extended." "I am concerned that there will be increased crime if drunken people are permitted to exit the Gatekeeper onto Westgate Street until 11pm daily.
'A very comprehensive study need to be done by experts as the system (gatekeeper mechanism) is holistic and involve many linkages (intertwined functions in the system).
Combined with Gatekeeper, LATRO's Versalytics powers Pre-Call detection of virtualized SIM cards used in SIM Servers- enabling Gatekeeper machine learning to expand its predictive analytics, detecting SIMs often before a first grey route call is terminated.
He added that records did not indicate that the retired employee ever appealed the decision of his ministry, and therefore no money would be paid to the employee as he refused to be offered a light duty job as a gatekeeper following recommendation from a medical doctor.
Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Malir Rao Anwar said the gatekeeper had allegedly attempted to assault the child yesterday, after which she went home and told her parents.
Summary: Public outrage alerted local residents who caught and beat up the gatekeeper
Alternatively, it is possible that the gatekeeper model is a barrier to participant recruitment.
Firm like Stratos are adopting the "new gatekeeper" role, developing a staff of experts whose role is assisting in matching technology providers to advisory firms, with the goal of enabling better decision-making when it comes to applied technology throughout the practice.