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an oversize page that is folded in to a book or magazine


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In my opinion, the vinyl releases by local artists that come in gatefold covers, with lyrics, or liner notes, or even inserts include Apartel's 'Inner Play,' IOV's 'Another Destructive Century,' Taken By Cars' 'Plagues,' The Ransom Collective's 'Traces,' The Strange Creatures' 'Phantasms,' and Holmes' 'Ray Dee Oh.' All the rest are disappointments.
Old Cars Weekly signed on six new advertisers for the issue; Mecum Auctions increased their commitment to the issue with a three-page front gatefold unit that promotes the 31st Dana Mecum Original Spring Classic in Indianapolis this May.
There's something about leafing through your vinyl, aweinspired by the artwork on the sleeve, especially if it's a gatefold, and reminiscing about the day you bought it and the parties you played it at, even if you're not putting the needle on the record today.
I remember this moment well, if only because the reverse side of the album's gatefold sleeve had the lyrics printed on it - the first one ever to do so - giving all budding pop singers the chance to sing along with ease.
ALADDIN/BEAUTY AND THE BEAST/CINDERELLA/FINDING DORY/GUARDIANS OF GALAXY/ STAR WARS: FORCE AWAKENS PRESENTED in glossy 12in gatefold sleeves, these new versions of six of Disney's most popular animated and live action films signal a gradual reissue of the studio's vast back catalogue.
It was produced 4-color (front and back) on a Xerox iGen press and finished with a gatefold. Informational and promotional reference guides often need to withstand repeated handling, exposure to precipitation and even the occasional wine spill.
A photo was shared on the imgur website which shows a cluster of stars within the black star depicted on the vinyl album cover's gatefold. It was discovered when the gatefold was accidentally exposed to warm sunshine.
Goss International recently completed a press enhancement project with Innotech involving the installation of full-color panorama gatefold capabilities for the New York Times.
Presented through a series of panoramic gatefold spreads, each image is accompanied by Mair's poetic ruminations on photography, set bilingually in German and English.
Once you get past the overexplaining of vinyl-era terms (gatefold album cover, etc.), Amanda Petrusich's first-person foray into the weird world of 78 rpm collectors is an engrossing romp that illuminates this cartoonish slice of nerddom so aptly portrayed in the movie Crumb.
ESCHER (9780500290736, $31.95), which packs in nearly four hundred color illustrates - over three hundred in color - and includes 12 gatefold pages as it provides a fine collection of Escher's visual art, from his woodcuts and drawings to his lithographs.
TC Transcontinental developed a double gatefold (63.5 x 21 inches), full-color print insert that it said is the biggest promotional insert ever in Canada, and the resulting product, called Panoramax, is making its debut for Uniprix's anniversary.
Gatefold photos provide large-scale images of the Batmobiles featured in film and TV, while stories explain car ideals and evolution.
According to the singer's ( official site , the album is "an experiment in what an album can be at the end of 2012 - an alternative that enlists the listener in the tone of every track, and that's as visually absorbing as a dozen gatefold LPs put together."
The book opens out in a double gatefold to show all of Grandpa's life story, faithfully shaped into art.