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Synonyms for gate

Synonyms for gate

the amount of money collected as admission, especially to a sporting event

Synonyms for gate

a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs

total admission receipts at a sports event

passageway (as in an air terminal) where passengers can embark or disembark

supply with a gate

control with a valve or other device that functions like a gate

Related Words

restrict (school boys') movement to the dormitory or campus as a means of punishment

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But the fun-loving 39-year-old who runs a web development company in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, promised his gate-crashers they could expect the "party of a lifetime in the party capital of the world" on March 16, with more fun the next day.
They were always packed with gate-crashers from other institutions as he was an excellent speaker.
His lectures at the LSE were always packed with gate-crashers from other academic institutions.
Clough (right) is conscious that too many gate-crashers have spoiled his party and groaned: "It was the same old story - we played well and conceded poor goals.
There is simply no way Derby hero Skywalker Puma and the brilliant Sparta Maestro will not be at the head of the market, while Camas Crash and Milldean Tally would be likely seen as the potential gate-crashers.
A lot of money has been pumped into Jay's club, with stateof-the-art 165in video screens and they weren't about to take any risks with gate-crashers.
Unfortunately, this year we had a substantial number of gate-crashers.
The happenings were full of piquant images that transcended the "stuff" being made on the main floor: the strident glissandi of (an often naked) Schuyler Maehl, who each day played piano accompaniment; a gaggle of trussed-up gate-crashers who improvised a slipshod burlesque audition on one of the bleachers; a couple of children, with a toddler in tow, who used scissors and power drills to bore holes into a large slab of foamcore board just outside the main arena.
Washington, Jan 5 (ANI): The US secret service has confirmed that another uninvited guest apart from gate-crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi made it into the White House state dinner hosted in honour of Indian Prime Minister Dr.
Cartoon character Marge Simpson made it on the cover of Playboy magazine, two White House gate-crashers celebrated their triumph on Facebook, and the world was fooled into believing a 6-year-old boy was caught in a runaway home-made helium balloon.
Heavily-armed police, however, remained on duty at his homestead in the village of Qunu, barring entrance to a number of would-be gate-crashers not on the guest list.
Already we've seen some of these gate-crashers act more like gatekeepers, promoting group-think, punishing dissent, and growing drank on the tribute that old-school pols and the MSM now provide them.
Berry, who says he will be one of about 12 off-duty police officers paid by China Care to provide security for the show, says that in years past, 'we've had people try to walk in, swim in--but there will be a number of police officers there on the perimeter' to keep out gate-crashers and see to it that the people who pay 'several thousand dollars' for tickets enjoy the show undisturbed.
As a Southern California employer, it has never ceased to amaze me that the word "illegal" is not understood nor disdained by those who think we cannot live without the help of these gate-crashers.
But England, this England, have never looked so much like ragged gate-crashers at a society wedding than they do this morning.