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Despite the fact that modern Kiryat Gat is a relatively young city, its population is growing rapidly and by early 2018 has reached 53,000 people.
A weak negative correlation emerged between age and the difference between NCT and GAT values (r=-0.
The Gat trigger is a direct-sear type in which the trigger blade is the release for the barrel that serves as the piston, ft has all the refinement of a screen door latch.
GAT also machines parts for other industries, such as the metrology and medical sectors, and is attracting increasing numbers of customers from Western Europe.
10) Therefore, GAT is an unsuitable technique for IOP measurement in highly oedematous corneas.
The GAT and TXL measurements were taken by an experienced glaucoma specialist using a calibrated GAT and TXL, respectively (MRR).
In Preludes et Fugues, Gat creates a landscape of sinuous patterns.
TV), has acquired 84 percent of Eshkol Gat Limited (Eshkol Gat), a company constructing a natural-gas based power plant in southern Israel.
Dow AgroSciences (DAS) and Pioneer Hi-Bred announce they have entered into a commercial cross-licensing agreement in which DAS is licensing non-exclusively its proprietary herbicide tolerant trait technology for soybeans to Pioneer which is licensing non-exclusively its proprietary Optimum GAT trait for soybeans to DAS.
The first section rests on a synthesis of evolutionary theory, archaeology, anthropology and paleontology which examine human prehistory and the hunter-gatherer societies which Gat points out makes up some 99.
Emanuel Gat Dance performs these two works at Lincoln Center Festival (July 14, 16, 17).
The pranksters have also changed Wikipedia's entry on GAT to include 'Operation Clooney'.
These soybeans would contain Pioneer's proprietary Optimum GAT trait and--through Monsanto's royalty-bearing license agreement--the Roundup Ready trait.