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the branch of medicine that studies the gastrointestinal tract and its diseases

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The said professor doesn't hold specialization in gastrology filed.
Prof Ghias un Nabi Tayyab said in this competitive world the use of Endoscopy was must for procedures of Gastrology which should be applied by experts of liver and stomach diseases.
Buchel, who had never met Karabus, volunteered vital accommodation (upon which his visa and thus bail depended) after being tracked down by the late doyen of South African gastrology, Solly Marks.
The production line enables the factory to produce today antibiotics, diabetes, gastrology and oncology medications and more.
The burden for how long saudi journal of gastrology 2009; 15: 201-7.
The two hospitals have all medical and paramedical staff as well as operating rooms and equipments of radiology and necessary tests for diagnosis and treatments involving all specialties: gynaecology, paediatrics, ENT, cardiology, gastrology, dermatology, pulmonology, traumatology and dentistry.
And finally, all the samples collected from patients were wound for the service of gastrology. Different from these, both urine and feces were collected for the service of pediatrics, emergency and internal diseases.
From nerves and hormones to bacteria in the stomach; Nobel prize for achievements in gastrology during last century.