gastric lavage

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washing out the stomach with sterile water or a saltwater solution

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Early and aggressive therapy in the form of gastric lavage or decontamination, administration of specific antidote and other supportive measures are shown to reduce mortality in patients with acute poisoning4.
[10] Although thorough topical decontamination is required, gut decontamination (activated charcoal and gastric lavage) should only be done if the patient presents within 1-2 hours of ingestion of a potentially life-threatening amount of organophosphate.
The modular management of ingested drug-induced methemoglobinemia includes methylene blue and ascorbic acid, gastric lavage, and administration of charcoal.
Gastric lavage and gastric lavage with activated charcoal were applied to 56.1% of the patients.
The kestrel and eagle were treated unsuccessfully with gastroscopy and gastric lavage, respectively, followed by surgical intervention to remove the ventricular impactions.
Secondly, the time interval between consumption and institution of gastric lavage largely determined the outcome.
serpentis in snakes can be made by acid-fast staining or PCR on fecal samples, gastric lavage samples, regurgitated material, or gastric biopsies [3, 19].
Antidote(s) were given to 114(16.2%) patients, activated charcoal to 372(52.8%) and gastric lavage to 376(53.3%).
Bass and walleyes were collected using electrofishing from May through September in each of two years, and stomach contents were removed using gastric lavage (non-lethal stomach flushing).
For the management of an INH overdose, after initial stabilisation, gastric lavage is indicated within 1 hour of INH ingestion.
Aside from standard cardiopulmonary measures in calcium channel blocker overdoses, additional commonly employed resuscitative therapies have included gastric lavage, multi-dose oral or nasogastric activated charcoal, flumazenil infusion, naloxone infusion, insulin and glucagon intravenous boluses, continuous calcium gluconate infusion, intravenous antiarrhythmics as indicated, and vasopressor support during mechanical ventilation.
Stomach contents were collected either by gastric lavage or removal of the entire GI tract, and the contents were sorted and identified to the lowest taxonomic level possible using the taxonomic key of Merritt and others (2008).
In case of ingestion by the gastrointestinal system, no benefit of emesis, gastric lavage or active charcoal has been observed (9).