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Synonyms for gassy

resembling gas

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suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal

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Compared to other gassy lagers I think Ambari would be easier to drink with food, but I would not recommend drinking it on its own.
The Intaeger UHP received the 2006 Gassy Award in the On-Site Generation category for its innovation, cost effectiveness, speed/throughput improvements, quality and ease of use, maintainability/repairability, and environmental responsibility.
Astronomers had been astonished in 2005 to learn of the giant plumes of ice and water vapor blasting from the "tiger stripe" cracks in Enceladus' southern hemisphere, and the detection of organic compounds in the gassy mix suggested the moon could support life.
After lurking in the dark for billions of years, these massive, gassy structures appear to have only recently begun forming stars.
Methane has completed the drilling program at the Radio Hill pilot project after drilling the second well to a total depth of 4,150 feet and encountering numerous gassy coal seams in the Lower Coaledo formation, including the targeted "D" seam.
Even better is the fact that you can then pop over to Gassy Jacks or into town for hair of the dog
Both products look traditional, in 330ml bottles with flip-tops, but the contents couldn't be more different, Diebels is dark and, despite it being quite gassy, I found it very drinkable.
Sparkling oranges and gassy grapes have been created by a scientist hoping to make fruit more appealing to children.
The Radio Hill #1 well, vertically drilled to a depth of 4,250 feet, encountered numerous gassy coal seams in the Lower Coaledo formation above and below the targeted "D" coal seam.
It delivers a consistent level matched only by the best pubs, but slightly less gassy and with good flavour.
Made from an Indian recipe which includes maize and rice, this smooth, refreshing beer isn't too gassy and, of course, it's just the thing to wash down a curry.
Vijay: This is refreshing and not too gassy so it's very easy to drink.
The object, a gassy cloud with a fewfaint stars in it, has the structure of a spiral galaxy, but it is at least 10 times larger and 100 times darker than the average spiral, according to its discoverers, Greg Bothun of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Christopher Impey of the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory in Tucson, David Malin of the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Sydney and Jeremy Mould of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, who are publishing their results in the June ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL.
They complained that the brewer could not substantiate the claims that the beer was less gassy than other lagers and could double beer sales when stocked.
Treatment includes anti- spasmodic drugs and avoidance of dietary irritants, sometimes including fatty foods, gassy foods, fruit, milk and beer.