gasoline tank

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a tank for holding gasoline to supply a vehicle

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An EPA inspection on August 2012 revealed a failure to conduct required annual testing of line leak detectors for six 10,000-gallon gasoline tanks, one 15,000-gallon tank storing jet fuel, and two 6,000-gallon tanks storing gasoline and diesel.
Also included are a driver's side airbag and collapsible steering column to maximize driver protection; all-season tires and tire-pressure monitoring system; a 24-Gallon gasoline tank with an estimated 350-mile range; daytime running lights; passive anti-theft system; and an electronic cutoff switch to prevent driver from operating vehicle while ramp is deployed, and to prevent unintentional deployment while vehicle is in operation.
Like a car's gasoline tank, a star's core holds only a certain amount of fuel.
This milestone paves the way for practical on-board hydrogen storage systems that can be charged multiple times in much the same way a gasoline tank is charged today," said Kumar.
It will be available with both a gasoline tank and the battery.
For a gasoline-powered car to have a range of 300 miles at 25 miles per gallon, a 12-gallon gasoline tank made of regular, un-insulated carbon steel would be required.
Goldsmith began making inexpensive GCs, and was able to take advantage of a fast-growing market for mobile soil-testing labs for underground gasoline tank removal operations.
Mix in a separate container before filling tractor gasoline tank see instruction book for correct mixture.
RESEARCHERS from the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Midwest Research Institute and Kansas City have developed an alternative fuel technology that will allow for natural gas tanks in all vehicles to match standard gasoline tank storage and efficiency while paving the way for cleaner car usage throughout the US.
He wanted them to be satisfied that there was but one gasoline tank, and that it was bone dry, before he commenced the demonstration.
In just one year, I stretched the average mileage I cover on my 1999 Honda Accord's 60-litre gasoline tank from just under 600 kilometres to a little over 725.
3-liter gasoline tank, will compete in the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association's Tour de Sol later this month.
Delgadillo said that during an inspection last August, investigators from his environmental justice unit discovered problems with a gasoline tank, including the lack of a vapor recovery system, as well as problems with roofing tiles and heating ducts that may have contained asbestos.
What also sets flex-fuel autos apart from their ethanol-only predecessors, which are notoriously slow to warm up on cold days, is a small gasoline tank under the hood used to start the car in chilly weather.
If the gasoline tank size is 25 gallons to go 400 miles (We're talking SUV, cowboys), it appears that a hydrogen tank size would be 91,900 gallons (they build houses smaller than that).