gasoline station

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a service station that sells gasoline

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Applegreen PLC currently operates 274 convenience stores and gasoline stations in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and has 68 locations in the USA.
And the owner of a Shell gas station/Dunkin Donuts in Batavia had inquired about building another gasoline station/DunkinDonuts combo on the land, but trustees said they dont want another gasoline station in the downtown.
"When on my way to bring the car to the washing center I realized it at the gasoline station. Half of it inside the hood rest under the windshield wiper but immediately entered inside the hood again and finally we called the rescue units, noted Kaya.
Gasoline stations in Jeddah resumed handing out water and tissue papers to customers with the start of the summer vacation and Jeddah festival.
A growing number of gasoline stations, used car dealerships and auto repair shops around Japan have begun offering "super discount" car rentals, to compensate for falling sales due to the steady decline in car ownership.
ExxonMobil has the second-largest gasoline station network in Japan with more than 4,000 stations, following 12,000 outlets of JX Holdings Inc.
"The gasoline station is at the al-Siteeni Street, central the al-Sulamaniya," a local security source said on Thursday.
To determine whether a gasoline station is changing its price on a particular day, Davis and Hamilton (Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2004) and Davis (Managerial and Decision Economics, 2007) show that the optimal estimation model is the logit model, an empirical method to estimate which factors influence a binary dependent variable; e.g,.
"All stations in Gaza have been shut down because there is no fuel of any kind," Mahmud al-Khuzudnar, a deputy chief of a Gaza association for gasoline stations, said.
Norwegian state-owned gas and oil company Statoil ASA confirmed on Monday (5 July) that the European Union competition authorities had approved its acquisition of Swedish retail chain ICA AB's holding in the gasoline station chain Statoil Detaljhandel Skandinavia (SDS).
The customer would never have to stop at the gasoline station during the life of the car.
The models for the total gasoline station and total food establishment sales dependent variables are reflected by the following equations: [17]
More recently, the IRS issued an "IRS Coordinated Issue Paper on Petroleum Industry Replacement of Underground Storage Tanks at Retail Gas Stations" (CIP), clarifying its position on several issues related to how the retail gasoline station industry should handle costs associated with underground storage tanks.
According to an Ontario government report released in 1990, gasoline station attendants and taxi drivers in Ontario are killed on the job at almost the same rate as police officers.
The back rider pulled out a handgun and shot the police officer several times when Morada stopped in front of a gasoline station.