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Synonyms for gasoline



Synonyms for gasoline

a volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum

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of methanol with base gasoline, and the fuel blends were assigned as M15, M30, M50 and M65.
The latest data on gasoline consumption, production and stocks are for the week and straddle year-end.
This is part of an ideological debate over whether the greater evil is being dependent on imports or harming the health of Iranians with heavily polluting ersatz gasoline.
Iran's current gasoline output is about 60 million liters a day, while domestic consumption is some 59 million liters of gasoline a day.
By In a written statement, Saudi Aramco denied reports appearing in the local media that Premium 95 gasoline is in short supply, especially in Riyadh.
The first model uses two factors--crude oil prices and gasoline prices--and the authors state that the "model explains nearly 98 percent of U.
Crude oil prices and gasoline prices are inherently linked, because crude oil is the primary raw material from which gasoline and other petroleum products are produced.
For example, the United States began implementing a program to reduce gasoline sulfur content in January 2004.
CORRECTION: The loaded and leading network questioning clearly suggests that national controls are needed to lower gasoline prices to the "proper" level.
Because automobiles live on petroleum-based products - gasoline powers their engines, oil keeps them running and is used to manufacture their belts and gaskets - the price of putting just about everything into a car gets incrementally more expensive when oil prices crest at $60 a barrel.
If competing gasoline stations are about equal in service, convenience and cleanliness, many motorists will switch stations for two-tenths of a cent per litre.
As far as the science books are concerned, ethanol is merely a form of alcohol, commonly produced from corn, that is mixed in with gasoline to provide transportation power.
A government crackdown has put a damper on a thriving smuggling industry, estimated at between 18,000 and 50,000 liters daily, that had people like Rolando carrying gasoline inside the trunks, back seats and even in the doors of their cars.
A University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) research group has compared the in-ground behavior of MTBE, four alternatives, and basic gasoline constituents, such as benzene.