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light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas

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The 27 gaslights dot the city in singles, twos or threes, mostly on side streets in the city's western half.
Scaled to the street, the gaslights trace to a slower, more intimate, time, when things were made to please and to last.
The last gaslight to give up the ghost in Worcester was on Elm Street across from Elm Park, smashed beyond repair by a tree felled in the December 2008 ice storm.
STREETS, homes and public buildings took on very different atmospheres from today in Victorian and Edwardian times - this was the era when most people lived by gaslight.
PSYCHOLOGICAL thriller Gaslight has been a favourite with theatre audiences for 70 years and will be providing fresh thrills in Coventry tomorrow.
Gaslight opens tomorrow and runs until February 16.
Following the abrupt departure of her husband, she is visited by a stranger named Rough (McCoy) who astonishes her with his explanation of the mysterious disappearance of random objects and the dimming of the gaslights in her home.
The man who played the seventh Doctorr Who - he of the panama hat, question mark umbrella, pullover and braces - takes the part of Inspector Rough in Gaslight which opens tomorrow.
Sylvester McCoy will be appearing in Gaslight at the Grand Theatre, Swansea, from Tuesday to Saturday.: Stars shine in Gaslight:Sylvester McCoy teams up with two soap stars for Gaslight.
The pavered driveway is flanked by magnificent royal palms and dramatically lit by custom crafted gaslights from New Orleans.
Alongside the artists, the exhibit showcases the careers of scientific luminaries such as Newton, Edison, Daguerre and Westinghouse and features microscopes, kerosene and oil lamps, gaslights, a wide variety of early electric light sources, as well as popular science texts and trade catalogs.
"Van Gogh mentioned in his letters that his paintings looked different in daylight and gaslight," said Bluhm.
English professor at WPI, about Worcester's 27 remaining gaslights. He lives near one of the Mount Hope Terrace gaslights, dating to the 1920s.
And, yet, a few remaining gaslights, some of them more than a century old, continue to cast a warm Victorian glow on parts of modern Worcester.
Corazzini, a maintenance supervisor at a local charter school, inherited the responsibility for the city's gaslights about 15 years ago from his wife's family.