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a process used for separating mixtures by virtue of differences in absorbency

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Maslinko, Gas-liquid chromatography study of poly(vinylidene enthalpy of mixing with probe polarity Macromolecules, 18, 2192 (1985).
Identification of yeast species by fatty acid profiling as measured by gas-liquid chromatography. Journal of chromatography.
The characterization by gas-liquid chromatography of ethyl [BETA]-D-glucosiduronic acid as a metabolite of ethanol in rat and man.
Determination of glucosinolates in canola meal and protein products by desulfation and capillary gas-liquid chromatography. J.
Samples of each of the four meals were blended into a composite for each person, then analyzed by gas-liquid chromatography. In 379 food samples collected during six sampling periods spaced throughout 12 months, the researchers measured seven organochlorine pesticides no longer in use but still of concern because of their persistence in the environment (including DDT), two organophosphorus insecticides commonly used in agricultural and home settings (malathion and chlorpyrifos), and one triazine herbicide (atrazine).
The modified analytical procedure uses gas-liquid chromatography with electron capture detection of the nitro function to separate unchanged drug from metabolites to attain sensitivities of 0.5 ng/mL.
Chemists had just told police that sensitive gas-liquid chromatography techniques had found no compounds in the pot unique to imported varieties of the plant, thus failing to support the authorities' case for charges of importation.
Others not listed, including head-space gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) and DNA probes, remain to be developed for routine clinical lab use.