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full of a gas

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Nappi (Italian Institute for Research in Nuclear Physics--INFN) and Peskov (chemical physics, Russian Academy of Sciences) review in detail the basic principles and properties of gas-filled detectors of photons and charged particles as widely used in various physics experiments and applications.
Mr Koch spoke at a police awards ceremony where he was honoured for helping to rescue a critically ill child from a gas-filled flat.
Re-evaluation of the abdominal X-ray demonstrated numerous serpigenous, tubular, soft-tissue densities in gas-filled bowel loops in the left mid and lower quadrants.
And of course there were those old, black, gas-filled balloons which I demanded to have despite being told I'd let it go and lose it.
The 2AA ProPolymer features a Xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb that delivers 4,500-candela peak beam intensity and nine lumens total measured system output Powered by two AA batteries, it provides a runtime of up to four continuous hours.
Washington, Sept 20 (ANI): A team of chemists, radiologists and surgeons at the University of California, San Diego, has created microscopic gas-filled spheres of silica, a porous glass, which can mark the location of early-stage breast cancer tumours.
The blast ripped through a gas-filled mine at the Marwar coalfield, according to rescuers, who recovered the bodies after a search operation that continued through Saturday night.
Epcos has developed what it asserts is the world's smallest leaded gas-filled two-electrode arrester.
Judge Christopher Llewellyn- Jones said the elderly woman was lucky not to be injured as she returned to her gas-filled Penarth home.
Sometimes bombs would make gas-filled craters, hidden by rubble.
That would be a problem for most fish, since many of them have a gas-filled organ called a swim bladder that helps them stabilize their bodies at different water depths.
Did the ancient temple of Delphi lie atop some sort of gas-filled chasm?
If you don't have or can't afford gas-filled, double-pane windows, consider putting up plastic in the winter.
Sensistor's leak detection instrument H2000[TM] provides gas utility operators with the ability to locate leaks in gas pipelines, storage tanks, underground cable runs, gas-filled power cables, gasoline stations, heating systems, and water pipes.