gas-cooled reactor

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a nuclear reactor using gas as a coolant

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temperature, gas-cooled reactors that would use fuel whose melting point
Liu, "Nuclear graphite for high temperature gas-cooled reactors," New Carbon Materials, vol.
HTR-10 (10 MW High-Temperature Gas-cooled Test Reactor) is the first experimental high-temperature gas-cooled reactor in China, which is designed and constructed in the 1990s, brought to criticality in 2000, and reached full power operation in 2003 [11] and commercial 600MW High-Temperature Reactor-Pebble-bed Modules (HTR-PM600, Figure 2) will be the next HTR in China (Figure 1).
But in a report to shareholders in the company prospectus, British Energy bosses warned the problem could potentially lead to "early closures at certain of our AGR (advanced gas-cooled reactor) stations".
Since Lohnert and Reutler proposed the concept of modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) in the end of the 1970s, various countries have put a lot of attention on development of modular HTGR for its high degree of passive safety and the potential to provide high-temperature fluid for process heat applications [1, 2].
The modular high temperature gas-cooled reactor (MHR) can survive a complete loss-of-coolant accident without reliance on any emergency systems.
Committee members visited the site, observing ongoing decommissioning projects such as the First-Generation Magnox Storage Ponds (FGMSP), the Windscale Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (WAGR) boxes, and the Highly Active Liquor Evaporation and Storage (HALES).
The fuel elements of High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTR) are spherical and have an overall diameter of 60 mm.
The high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) has some remarkable advantages, such as inherent safety, higher power efficiency, and wide diversity of heat utilization [1].
As Professor Ian Fells once explained, the nominal output of an advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) was 1,200MW.
The most advanced gas-cooled reactor to date, the High Temperature Reactor-Pebble-bed Module (HTR-PM), is currently under construction in China.
The first Chinese HTGR called HTR-10, a 10 MW high temperature gas-cooled reactor, was designed and built by INET.
One of the designs being considered for the so-called Generation IV nuclear power program is the very high temperature gas-cooled reactor. The reactor would operate at such high temperatures that it could do more than just generate electricity.
Yulong Wu, General Manager of Chinergy Co, detailed the construction of the first advanced High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor, the HTR-PM.