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facility (plant and equipment) for providing natural-gas service

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The sheer engineering elegance of the Winchester/ Browning gas system that is carried over to the SX3 and SX4 has to be experienced to be appreciated.
The main components of the Master Gas System consist of:
Incorporating an intermediate-length gas system into your carbine is an alternative to spending more than $2,500 on a new rifle such as the SR-15 E3.
Smart Gas System SGS is an intelligent system that can detect different kind of explosive gases remotely using Web based system or mobile applications.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Monday informed the National Assembly that none of the top government officials were removed from Board of Directors (BoD) of Interstate Gas Systems (Pvt.) Limited rather two members had completed their three-year term.
Bestobell Marine part of the President Engineering Group (PEGL) has received a new order to supply a complete set of cryogenic globe valves to be fitted in the fuel gas systems for a new LNG-fueled harbour tug which will be built at Dubai Drydocks.
"While the condensate is transported to PDO facilities, the gas is exported to the government gas system run by Oman Gas Company," he added.
The core of the LNG fuel gas system consists of two 400 meter cube vacuum-insulated tanks, which will be installed vertically below deck.
The Minister reminded of the agreement between the Russian Gazprom and Kyrgyz Kyrgyzgaz, according to which the Russian company will invest $670 million into the gas system of the Kyrgyz Republic, including gas infrastructure development.
Members of the Gas and Liquid Fuels Committee of the Society's Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering examine efforts to mitigate seismic risk in the American natural gas system. They cover protecting steel pipelines from permanent ground deformation using expanded polystyrene geofoam, internal pipe lining as a mitigation tool, system modeling for seismic events, managing pipeline integrity, and seismic gas shutoff valves and excess flow valves.
Most of the proposed replacements to the M16-series, our longest serving rifle, involve changes to the gas system, specifically going from a direct impingement-based design to a piston driven arrangement.
As he placed the sticker on a 2012 Ford Escape, Salvador Rivas, the director of Nonconventional Energy at the MIC, said: "We can be satisfied with the job we have done at the MIC to spread the word on the benefits of the natural gas system, above all, we recognize that the vigorous efforts made by Minister Manuel Garcia Arevalo have not been in vain, since the Dominican Republic now is on the world map as one of the countries that has installed this system with wide acceptance." Likewise, Rivas stressed that the fact that the family that owns the 6,000th vehicle with the Natural Gas sticker had chosen to install the natural gas system in a new car, evidence of the confidence that people have in the system.
He stressed the importance of taking all preventive measures and safety in residential buildings, which should be maintained from time to time, specifically the central gas system. The gas system must be checked once in every three months through licensed gas filling companies, he added.
Each scraper part is designed to scrape away carbon from different parts of the gas system. And the sooner you use the scraper, the easier the job is.
The Southern Gas System in the 1980s was based on associated gas from the oilfields of Rumaila as well as those of West Qurna, Majnoon, Nahr Umr, Zubair and other fields.