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a range with gas rings and an oven for cooking with gas

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It wasn't immediately made clear whether the gas stove exploded or there had been a gas leak.
"My sister gave me PS50 for my birthday and Christmas so I bought a gas stove and four bottles of gas from B&M Bargains.
Cheshire Fire and Rescue Serviceare reminding the public about camping safety after a man suffered 'life-changing' burns while attempting to light a gas stove.
Before the invention of frying pans and a gas stove, it was used both for cooking and bread making, depending on the side used.
The GDN reported yesterday that a gas stove exploded in the art workshop of Al Khalil Bin Ahmed Intermediate School for Boys, in Karzakan, on Monday.
Noel Nelson Ababon, Cebu City fire marshall, said the victims were on the second floor of their house when the family's gas stove on the ground floor exploded.
Police told media that the residents tried to light a gas stove which was left turned on overnight and because of it the house situated in PWD area of Loi Bhir caught fire.
In the background can be seen the gas stove repair building which is to the left of the gasometer.
Manila, Philippines At least seven persons, including four minors, died when a fire believed caused by a gas stove explosion broke out before dawn yesterday in Malabon City.
So I proceeded to the kitchen but, of course, I use an electric kettle and my gas stove starts with an electric switch.
SAVE Vango Compact gas stove Small, durable and powerful, this no-fuss stove is perfect for travel-light camping.
I SPOTTED a very modern-looking gas stove in an episode of Restoration Man on Channel 4 and was wondering where I could get one.
Susumu Naito, chairman of Japanese gas stove and heating appliances manufacturer Rinnai, talks to BusinessToday about plans to strengthen the brand's position in Oman.
* Buy duplex glass top gas stove omega select plus Kitchen in a box worth Rs.