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Synonyms for gas station

petrol station

Synonyms for gas station

a service station that sells gasoline

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Risalvato said gas stations participating in the protest by bumping up prices to $8 a gallon also planned to hand out fliers to drivers that explains why the franchisees face difficulties competing with other gas station owners.
The manager of the gas station said, ''We had no choice but to raise the price as profits are falling.''
Deputy Village Manager Christopher Stilling said Woodman's first gas station initially was planned for the site.
The operating gas stations are located at Km 18, Km 9, Kampung Baru, Jalan Baru, Remu Hansen, Sorpus and Aimas.
Rotimi Akeredolu to stop the location of another gas station beside a filling station, some houses and shops were on fire yesterday.
He stated that the management of the gas station would foot the bill for the damages caused by the explosion.
At the gas station, customers will be offered gasoline brands Ai-92, Ai-95, Ai-95 Nano, Ai-98 Nano, diesel and diesel fuel Nano.According to SOCAR, the estimated number of gas stations at the new gas station will be 250 cars per day, and the sale of petroleum products will be 2625 cubic meters per year (1,680 cubic meters of gasoline and 945 cubic meters of diesel fuel).In addition, the annual sale of liquefied gas is expected at 1,750 cubic meters per year.
Pheonix Gas Station violated Section 4A.01 of the Revised Makati Revenue Code (Ordinance No.
With its DT Refuel mobile application, FGS provides solutions to gas stations to improve their operations and their customers' experience.
He reportedly admitted to shooting the man at Jezzine gas station in Zrarieh on Feb.
Bultrade gas station in Omurtdag a town at the eastern foot of Stara Planina in northeastern Bulgaria, part of Targovishte Province, sold the most expensive diesel last Friday at BGN 2.11 per liter.
The Connecticut Commissioner of Transportation (State) brought an action to take an eight-foot strip of land from a gas station in order to improve a city street.
However sources from Brazil are now claiming there's video footage from the gas station that shows the swimmers "fighting" with security guards--not being robbed.
To date, there is only 1 mobile gas station, but until the end of the year, it is planned to launch 15 more.
It's likely, however, that some Oregonians, and their legislators, do not fully appreciate just how sparsely populated some parts of Oregon are, and how far it can be from one gas station to the next.