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a cremation chamber fueled by gas

a domestic oven fueled by gas

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RIGHT-WING RANT: Hopkins tweeted that Ed could kill wife Justine in gas oven
I no longer have a gas oven, so raising the bread with the pilot light warmth is not an option.
Thank goodness for the Deri's gas oven, as Ed and the family prepare to welcome everyone to celebrate together at the local pub.
In the back kitchen there is a gas oven and a large sink which is used for the washing, along with a scullery for the pots and pans, etc.
There is also an electric hob and bottled gas oven for use during the summer.
``After he killed Natalie Jenkins the defendant inflicted serious wounds on himself and also seems to have attempted to kill himself by breathing in gas from the gas oven, '' said Mr Cooke.
The others offer four gas burners, one with a gas oven, the other electric.
The temperature of a gas oven with the pilot on, or an electric oven with the light bulb on is about right for culturing yogurt.
The chairman spoke after former ICL Plastics employee Jim Fletcher revealed: "Everybody in the factory knew it was a bin lorry--you couldn't mistake it--we all had a laugh when they said they were going to turn it into a gas oven."
The fixtures are designed for use in conjunction with the company's forced gas oven (ETC) and enable the characterization of dynamic properties, such as loss and storage moduli, over a wide temperature and frequency range.
Andrew Clarke, a meat scientist at the university, explains that poultry most commonly acquires a pinkish color near surfaces when combustion gases produced in a gas oven react chemically with myoglobin, the protein found in meat that creates a red pigment.
Also new are a larger forming area (22 x 22 in.), pin-chain indexing system (instead of hitch-feed), touchscreen computer, stacker with counter and product ejector, and optional gas oven.
He said: "Well when you go you must say to him, 'if I am pregnant and you don't do anything about it, I will put my head in the gas oven'."
There is also a free-standing double gas oven and new Worcester combi boiler, A door leads from here to the smart downstairs bathroom with three piece white suite (including bath with shower over), tiled splash backs and black tiled flooring.