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a main that distributes gas

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First, the gas main, which is a gas pipeline that ranges in size from 2 to 8 and is often underneath the street or sidewalk, will be replaced within the right-of-way, and then the service lines running directly to homes and businesses will be replaced.
A spokesman for the company said: "During refurbishment work, someone has dug into one of our gas main pipes.
To maintain parking and keep disruption to a minimum, Northern Gas Networks plans to complete the work in 30-metre sections - replacing the gas main and then backfilling the excavation before progressing along the road.
Paul Jagger, Construction Services Area Manager for Northern Gas Networks said: "We have been working closely " The firm's mains replacement programme will see 3,800km of old metal gas main replaced with modern plastic equivalents by 2021
Engineers from Northern Gas Networks (NGN) were carrying out emergency work to repair a damaged medium pressure gas main in Myton Way, Ingleby Barwick, yesterday.
Bangor is one of many schemes we are carrying out across our operational area in Wales and the south west of England as part of our PS30m investment per annum, in which we replace over 400km of gas main.
Firefighters found a man unconscious in a gas mains trench, and rescued him while the fire blazed nearby.
Front and rear mounted cameras provide real-time, full motion video of the outer surface of the cased gas main.
FITCHBURG - A high-pressure gas main was ripped open yesterday afternoon, forcing the evacuation of nearby homes.
National Grid Gas plans to start work on the gas main in Moor Lane, Rowley Regis.
About 20 people spent the night in hotel luxury after roadworkers punctured a gas main in the Rhondda.
A CORRODED gas main with a large hole in it was excavated from the site of an explosion that killed a family of four, a court heard yesterday.
Schempf recently tested his theory by deploying the Explorer, a wireless-controlled, battery-operated, camera-equipped robot to inspect eight-inch-diameter cast-iron gas main sections laid under the streets of Yonkers, N.
But when the gas main was turned on again, the odor returned.
THIRTY people were taken to hospital and hundreds evacuated after a gas main was severed by a digger.