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a lamp that burns illuminating gas

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FIRST DIVISION (Sponsored by Gas Lamp): Northern Lounge 6, Kittybrewster 6; Wagley's 2, Scotia Bar 10; McNasty's 4, Parkway Inn 8; Scotia Lounge 7, Wilson's 5; Mither Tap 0, Mains of Scotstown 12; Murdo's Lounge 5, Gas Lamp B 7; St Machar Bar 5, New Greentrees 7.
With the help of community group, Westgate P.A.S.T., (Pictures, Archives, Stories and Tales), which researches and preserves the history and heritage of the west end of Newcastle, various memorabilia from the old Co-op building was exhibited, including an old gas lamp, soda bottle and printing press.
HE grew up in the same street as football legend John Charles and was so poor he had overcoats for bedclothes and a gas lamp for heating.
Often conjuring up images of C S Lewis's famous lamppost in Narnia, it was the iconic gas lamp, whose origins date back to the 19th century.
It's comparable to a gas lamp, which does not light up immediately when switched on.
The site consists of two former gas lamp manufacturing facilities--Welsbach in Gloucester City and the General Gas Mantle property in Camden County, New Jersey.
There are two noises which always make my heart go a bit funny with the memories they evoke, and that's the zip on a tent, or the gentle hiss of a gas lamp.
Gas lamp expert Chris Sugg, 68, of Tunbridge Wells, was called in to make sense of the finds.
For years, users of propane lighting have been forced to settle for low-performance gas lamps. Now, Midstate Lamp LLC introduces Model 450, a gas lamp that rivals portable gas lanterns in brightness but runs on the same low-pressure gas line as household appliances.
So they might as well screen a searingly contemporary drama chronicling the hectic high-flying careers of 21st Century gas lamp lighters.
Midstate Lamp's Model 450 gas lamp puts out as much light as a 100-watt bulb, and it runs on the same low-pressure gas line as household appliances.
The attractions, all conveniently located in the historic Gas Lamp District, are easy to navigate on foot.
The brightest lamp we have used is a pressurized gas lamp. The one we have is a Leacock but it is identical to the lamps made by Coleman.
And then when I retired, the other workers got together to buy me a great big gas lamp as a leaving present.