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burner such that combustible gas issues from a nozzle to form a steady flame

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Connolly, "Atomization of viscous and non-Newtonian liquids by a coaxial, high-speed gas jet: Experiments and droplet size modeling," International Journal of Multiphase Flow, vol.
A high-pressure gas jet is efficient for drilling and cutting metal or glass.
During the winter I had one gas jet turned down low and we had a coal fire only at night.
For heat transfer measurements, a temperature difference of 30 K between the impinging gas jet and the plate was applied by the electrical heater and the thermostat.
Among specific topics are characterizing the dynamics of missiles with control flaps using computational fluid dynamics, static and dynamic tensile behavior in unidirectional glass-epoxy composites, investigating and simulating a supersonic gas jet for removing Martian dust, and calculating heat transfer in heterogeneous structures such as a honeycomb with the numerical solution of stochastic differential equations.
The typical gas velocity used to calculate muzzle blast and its addition to recoil, plugs in 4,000 to 5,000 fps for the gas jet. That's how fast it hits (more or less, allowing for the short travel) that first baffle.
The topics include the influence of relative distance between ledges on the stress-strain state of rock at a face, differential equations of processes for the hydropuls power mechanism of drill machines, the effect of diamond tool performance capability on the quality of a processed surface, calculating the gas-dynamic impact of the active shielding gas on the electrode metal drop in gas jet shielded welding, and assessing efficiency of cloud-based services by linear programming.
Quadvent is a mathematical model of a flammable gas jet that can be used as part of a hazardous area classification exercise under the Dangerous Substances and Explosives Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR).
The typical partially aerated burner entrains primary air naturally by a momentum-sharing process between the high velocity gas jet and the ambient air [6].
17 chows the size droplets distributions, we observe in this figure that the recirculation gas flow trap all droplets or becomes towards the path of the flow is also noted that though these droplets follow the flow and differ very little from the gas jet