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a car with relatively low fuel efficiency

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Thirdly, also to discourage gas guzzlers, there should also be an annual tax on the number of cylinders of vehicles.
"To determine the relationship between fuel price spikes and values, we examined the Toyota Corolla, Prius and the Ford Expedition as representatives of the fuel-efficient, hybrid and gas guzzler vehicle categories," said Horn in the quarterly feature, "Timing is Everything: Total Loss Values and Gas Prices."
A further 25% would make public transport cheaper and 8% would hit gas guzzlers.
The automaker said output cut will center on gas guzzlers consumers have been shunning recently amid soaring gasoline prices, such as pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.
Demand for the vehicles, including the Halewood-made Land Rover Freelander 2, has slumped thanks to high fuel prices and the global economic slowdown, as well as a growing environmental backlash against so-called "gas guzzlers" that has seen some hefty new green taxes on 4x4s introduced in several European countries.
auto industry, which has marketed and lobbied so hard on behalf of gas guzzlers for the past half-century, may not still be around to see that day.
The cars of tomorrow do not have to be gas guzzlers in order to appeal to the quality end of the market.
Anyway, scientists estimate that it is not gas guzzlers who are the root cause of the situation - but grass guzzlers.
A call by MPs for car tax hikes to crack down on gas guzzlers will hit owners of some of the most popular family cars, motor manufacturers warned yesterday.
On a typical day, I see maybe two hybrid cars on the road, and hundreds of gas guzzlers. Hybrid cars cost around $2,000 to $5,000 more than conventional models, but that's less than most of us spend on entertainment and other non-essentials per year.
"But the government would encourage more people to make the right choices by cutting car tax on the most fuel-efficient cars and increasing it for gas guzzlers."
Naturally, many Venezuelan drivers, accustomed to paying pocket change to fill up their gas guzzlers, have no complaints that the price of an egg buys three liters of gasoline.
But now, with declining "clarity" about the direction of oil prices and burgeoning public disdain for at least the most monstrous of the oversized gas guzzlers, there is reason to believe that the "clarity" enjoyed by SUV makers for a decade may soon be a thing of the past.
Luers freely admitted to torching the gas guzzlers, but told the court that he had taken care to ensure that no one would be injured in his SUV-roast.
Meanwhile, we are driving more and more, and doing a lot more of that driving in gas guzzlers. Since 1983 energy use for travel has increased 12 percent for each American, while our average commute has become a third longer.