gas furnace

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a furnace that burns gas

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Is there a way to calculate whether it would be cheaper to raise the thermostat on the whole house (gas furnace) vs.
We estimate discrete choice models to determine the sensitivity of natural gas furnace choice to changes in subsidy rates and operating costs.
Halverson Timothy E & Elizabeth A, 621 5Th St; "P# 541-915-7419 Change Out Gas Furnace"; $6,859.
Not if they are also gas furnaces. And, if you have a gas water heater beside them, it gets complicated (Photo 4).
The purpose of the field demonstration was to prove that a CCHP consumes less primary energy than traditional (natural gas furnace) heating methods.
A recent example is our opposition to the Department of Energy's (DOE) direct final rule that increased the federal minimum efficiency for natural gas furnaces from 78% nationwide to 80% in southern states and 90% in 30 northern states.
If the flue is sized for the wood stove and the gas furnace is vented into the same flue, there will be times that the flue does not carry all the exhaust away as needed.
Removal of an old furnace and installation of a new, high-efficiency gas furnace with 3-ton capacity (1 ton equals 12,000 Btu), for a 2,500 square foot home:
As a note, new oil furnaces generally cost about the same or a little more than natural gas furnaces. Historically, oil furnaces last much longer than natural gas furnaces, because they burn at a much hotter temperature and drive away combustion condensation that can shorten the life of a natural gas furnace.
The Climate Energy Micro-CHP system combines a 95% efficient natural gas furnace or boiler designed and manufactured by ECR International with the 85% efficient Honda natural gas engine/generator module.
THE boss of the plastics factory where nine people were killed in an explosion yesterday admitted it had a gas furnace made out of an old dustbin lorry.
The powder will be then incinerated at a temperature of 1,000 C in a gas furnace with oxygen and steam, converting the powder into gas.
The new technology sends iron fines and coal into a rotary hearth gas furnace where an oxygen reaction creates the iron nuggets.
The Amana[R] GUVA Air Command Gas Furnace uses variable speed technology to provide super-efficient heating that is temperature-consistent from room to room and floor to ceiling.