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Synonyms for garter

a band (usually elastic) worn around the leg to hold up a stocking (or around the arm to hold up a sleeve)


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fasten with or as if with a garter

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References in classic literature ?
To this Sancho made answer, "The three kerchiefs I have; but the garters, as much as 'over the hills of Ubeda.'"
The duke had a mind to keep up the sport, so he said, "It does not seem to me well done in you, sir knight, that after having received the hospitality that has been offered you in this very castle, you should have ventured to carry off even three kerchiefs, not to say my handmaid's garters. It shows a bad heart and does not tally with your reputation.
The kerchiefs I will restore, as Sancho says he has them; as to the garters that is impossible, for I have not got them, neither has he; and if your handmaiden here will look in her hiding-places, depend upon it she will find them.
"I will thank you not to speak to me," said the garter. "I think I have not given the least occasion for it."
"Don't come so near me, I beg of you!" said the garter. "You look so much like those men-folks."
"Don't come so near me," said the garter: "I am not accustomed to it."
In the wedding world, garters are making a comeback and Loren says she believes it's because people want to hold onto some form of tradition.
The collection is a brand new mini range of bespoke, handmade, one of a kind bridal wedding garters for the UK market.
Cold-blooded animals, most garter snakes spend the winter with other garters tucked away under large rocks or inside mammal burrows.
TALK But why do we still persist with the Order of the Garter? Members look ridiculous, in all their cloaks, feathers, ribbons and tassels, as well as the garters on their legs.
Calgary--Last night, Herbert Longfellow, who has poetic hair, and Dan Keeley, who hasn't, went over to pay a social visit on one Mattie Miller, a lady of evening habits with a tendency toward fancy garters. They all had a real nice time and became, as usual in such cases, very friendly.
Googling a runner Guts For Garters 2.50 Naas A figure of speech used as a threat of a serious reprisal that may well have had a literal meaning, as it originated in the Middle Ages when disembowelment was used in Britain for torture and execution.
The group of six friends are all set to pull on their corsets and garters tonight for a Children In Need fundraiser at The Cleveland Bay in Eaglescliffe.
Into St George's Chapel they processed topped with fascinators of ostrich and heron, and wearing garters.
Hoops supporters have been snapping up the pounds 4.99 green and white garters as February 14th gifts for wives and girlfriends.