garter belt

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a wide belt of elastic with straps hanging from it

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Something blue: Take an old bridesmaid's dress that you're never going to wear again or something of similar quality and make your one-of-a-kind garter belt.
She plans to throw a bouquet and is considering wearing a garter belt, but she will not be wearing white.
Wearing white stockings, white knickers and a blue garter belt, she romped with the 6ft hunk as her family waited a few yards away.
To top it all, I tried on the blue garter belt my mother lent me to wear under my wedding dress and split it.
Even Rollo who enjoyed a colourful social life as a young buck in the sixties was taken aback at the idea of whizzing through the island wearing a garter belt.
The kinky collection of lingerie sets comes complete with matching thong, briefs, garter belt, bra and slip.
The film is set in the early Sixties and you'll see nylon babydolls, lingerie with fringe, garter belt sets, and not a thong in sight.
And clearly on display were the curvy model and actress's matching garter belt, stockings and suspenders.
Zellweger glides like Ginger Rogers in a flowing salmon robe, black lingerie and a beige garter belt.
With a bona fide Broadway hit (The Tale of the Allergist's Wife) under his garter belt, the writer-performer returns to his drag theater roots (remember Psycho Beach Party?
The Gloss Tights with Diamante Garter are an ultra sheer look accessorised with a sparkling black diamante garter belt (usually worn on the leg but there's nothing to stop you sporting it as a choker) while true glamour pusses will probably favour the Back Seam Hold-Up with Gun Motif - a plain satin band with a diamante studded gun motif and a sparkling silver back-seam.
After a customer picks a girl to dance for him, he places the pounds 10 fee in her garter belt.
In Me Crying My Head Off, 1992, for example, Sircello presents herself standing in a veritable sea of tears, genitals exposed under the revealing arches of a garter belt, her head exploding in a wash of red with her mouth the only visible feature, agape in a scream of pain.
Cindy's suitors will offer her true variety and tough choices as they battle through competitive tasks and fight for her affection and a coveted garter belt off of her leg, signifying a chance to stay on Cindy's list of potential mates.