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the quality of being wordy and talkative

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In 1926 Wilhelm Hasbach complained that the last edition had "among a number of outstanding points much senile, sentimental garrulousness.
His description of this character's physical defects is mercilessly frank and detailed (62-64); he makes no concessions to the organist's sense of vanity and comes close to causing offense by his laconic self-introduction (64); the contrast between his verbatim record of the organist's contributions to the "conversation" and the indirect summaries of his own interventions is pointed and highlights the former's garrulousness and self-absorption.
As a secret agent, his untrustworthiness and garrulousness were world-renowned.
With economical prose that mimics Paul's unfurnished existence, and with an effective use of repetition that echoes the garrulousness of old age, Brookner creates an affecting and unexpectedly dynamic portrait of an ordinary man in extremis, for whom 'only the fantasy of choice remained.
Maximalist fiction need not necessarily be omniscient in narration, but the scope and narrative freedom of omniscience certainly lends itself to an expansive exploration of social relations, and the garrulousness of narrative voice which maximalism encourages is a means of competing with the dynamism of other discourses in the marketplace of opinion and entertainment.
Thompson, for all his garrulousness, cannot communicate his sense of confusion to his mistrustful neighbors.
I have been considering how The Witch of Edmonton demonstrates and criticizes the violence of the tendency to link women's unrestrained speech to the transgressive body, garrulousness to promiscuity--a connection that literary critics have repeatedly focused on in a wide range of early modern writing.
In the preface to his 1918 Eminent Victorians, Lytton Strachey noted that one of the greatest problems concerning his biographical subjects was their sheer garrulousness.
These signs never attained the true status of a language, as the abbots of Cluny were well aware of the potential for excessive garrulousness amongst monks and novices using them.
With his mix of gravitas and garrulousness, Biden appears adequately armed to lead a repeal of the U.
We may be losing the capacity for social small-talk but our garrulousness on the weather knows no bounds.
Speak," just as he associates garrulousness with promiscuity in the same section's pub scene (Complete 38-39, 111-12, 139-73).
If an extrovert is born to the family of one of my neighbors, that child is certain to leave our community upon reaching maturity, packing his or her garrulousness, making a point of saying good-bye at least twice to everybody in reach and leaving the rest of us all the more quiet and, frankly, comfortable.
Exploring themes such as the obsessive pursuit of the fashionable and the new, the garrulousness of women, and the conflict between positive law and conscience or natural feelings of filial piety, The Old Law folds wit and pathos into an entertaining confection.
In fact, this claim to greater Victorian openness to passion not only has all the same features as Fowles's and Marcus's theory--Victorian reticence if not repression contrasted with contemporary garrulousness if not openness--Fowles could even be said to have shared it up to a point.