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Synonyms for garrulity

the quality of being wordy and talkative

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Expectations for misconduct are similar to the notions of social capital in the context of constitutional garrulity and specificity.
Streams of tedious, encrypted garrulity poured from the little man's mouth.
They hounded critics, turned state institutions into personal fiefdoms, and brought the state into disrepute with their showmanship and garrulity. They turned criticism to mischief, talked down students, scoffed at pensioners, tongue-lashed workers and held market men and women in despite.
In the form of grateful travel essays, it describes the pictures from the life in Latgalian villages and provincial towns, highlights and satirizes vices--alcoholism, laziness, stupidity, ignorance, garrulity, gossip, slander, etc.
Dusk: dawn A: 1) Senility: childhood 2) Necromancy: magic 3) Loquaciousness: garrulity 4) Adolescence: infancy
Of all descriptions, "garrulous" seems the most suitable to describe Cantwell, the novel's protagonist--and the "atomic bomb" appears as part of his garrulity.
(23) These included: disobedience to parents-in-law, bearing no son, adultery, jealousy, hereditary disease, garrulity, and larceny.
Composing a letter to the prison board in support of Mink's parole, Gavin hides "behind the rational garrulity of the pencil flying along the ruled lines" (1008).
They were also known for their garrulity, and Lear's putative prison will be awash in orality.
Eliza, a woman of "garrulity, money, and real estate" (Holman 25), lives, not in opposition to herself as Gant does, but in opposition to her family.
The first few months after coming to Songarh, the silence of the place--silence in which she could hear herself inhale, in which she could hear sweat trickling down her face, in which she could hear leaves fall and flowers open--the resonant quiet had startled her into an unexpected garrulity. Having no one to talk to but the servants, Kananbala babbles to them all day, and beleaguers her husband with questions when he arrives home, tired from work.
First, they have moved to the level of rhetorical performance--in the form of the speaker's "craving of the mind." For the act of speaking described here, volition occurs not as an exercise of will (not as "volition in the common acceptation," as Darwin put it) but in those seemingly involuntary-voluntary, or automatic-voluntary, motions, discharges of desire that outpace "restraint" or "deliberation." Coleridge's later acidic comment about "The Thorn"--" It is not possible to imitate truly a dull and garrulous discourser, without repeating the effects of dullness and garrulity"--imputes the spreading contagion to a haplessly prosy "Mr.
Some personalities seek the end of an inner garrulity, the moment when
The collection Galland concocted mingles romances, animal fables, travelers' tales, prayers, blessings, riddles, dreams, paternal advice and advice for kings, a debate about whether men or women make better lovers, a poetry contest, warriors' boasts, ubi sunts, vendettas, cant, comic garrulity, epitaphs, laments, love lyrics, and drinking songs.
In its place, there is rather the impulse to intrepid or audacious garrulity, the better to proffer and test hypothetical discursive accounts that might verify the otherwise inexpressible unity of the philosopher's synoptic vision.