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Synonyms for garrulity

the quality of being wordy and talkative

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The first few months after coming to Songarh, the silence of the place--silence in which she could hear herself inhale, in which she could hear sweat trickling down her face, in which she could hear leaves fall and flowers open--the resonant quiet had startled her into an unexpected garrulity.
However, if nostalgia's protesting immobility amidst mobility has come to describe the mode of sensuous cognition advocated for reading poetry, the return to the spot of page is not exactly the equivalent of the captain's redundancy and garrulity.
Some personalities seek the end of an inner garrulity, the moment when
The collection Galland concocted mingles romances, animal fables, travelers' tales, prayers, blessings, riddles, dreams, paternal advice and advice for kings, a debate about whether men or women make better lovers, a poetry contest, warriors' boasts, ubi sunts, vendettas, cant, comic garrulity, epitaphs, laments, love lyrics, and drinking songs.
In its place, there is rather the impulse to intrepid or audacious garrulity, the better to proffer and test hypothetical discursive accounts that might verify the otherwise inexpressible unity of the philosopher's synoptic vision.
Eudora Welty no sekai: Jozetsu to chinmoku no shinwa [The World of Eudora Welty: Myths of Garrulity and Silence].
Far from challenging prevailing negative stereotypes of old maidism, Miss Bates actually seems to embody many of them, such as garrulity, credulousness, nosiness, and affectation.
Was any above measure talkative, a betrayer of secrets, he was carried off, a fish, to live in the waters amid his kind, that in eternal silence he might atone for his garrulity.
25) It is argued that Lord Peter simply uses his garrulity as a ploy, an elaborate disguise for private deduction.
Contradicting the image of Florence as a fragile heart patient, this picture of coarseness and garrulity comes into focus while Dowell muses on the extent to which Florence was merely acting the part of invalid.
garrulity in narrators is as tedious as garrulity in acquaintances,
By stressing silence at moments, as at Box Hill, and allowing full reign to garrulity most of the time, as in the strawberry party, Emma treats head-on the banality of most words strung together, the mediocrity of society and its intercourse.
Cleitophon could certainly be called [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], since the term has connotations of talkativeness or garrulity as much as anything, and he is now nearing the end of the eighth book of his narration.
The orange and citron groves, and all the rich enameled luxuriance of torrid luxuries, now began to wear a sombre aspect, while the chattering Paroquet ceased to imitate man, and disturb the sweets of solitude, with prating garrulity, had retired to her roost on the sturdy logwood.
In an 1875 letter, Miller had complained that "I can't make a great Chief Justice out of a small man," noting that Waite was assigning cases to Clifford and Swayne, whose old age and lack of competence resulted in their "writ[ing] opinions in which their garrulity is often mixed with mischief.