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Synonyms for garrote

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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Peter Kelson QC, for Rodgers, appears homely and helps witnesses relax, prior to garrotting them'
Prison officials say the Aryan Brotherhood are a group of organised assassins who kill rivals and informers by garrotting, stabbing and bludgeoning them.
The Manic Street Preachers won Britain's best band in 1997 and '99 - what I wouldn't give now to see Nicky Wire back at Earl's Court, whacking James Blunt with his vacuum and garrotting Katie Melua with a feather boa.
That lady who has walked off with your bag must actually have one identical to yours, because swinging across your shoulder, almost garrotting you as you run, is your bag.
A post mortem revealed the cause of death to be asphyxia as a result of garrotting.
The Best Garrotting Ever Done is a clue to the play's theme of crime and punishment - gar rotting being the once official Spanish method of execution.
He tortured his victim for nine hours before garrotting him and cracking open his head.