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Synonyms for garrotte

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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They'd From the ladies who lunch, to the lagerswigging teenage lad-dads, they're just too engrossed in chat or text to pay heed to what their little Tarquin or Jadolena (sorry - that last one should be rendered in capitals to represent the bellowed tone in which names such as "JADOLENA" are hollered cheerfully garrotte across a playground by gum-chewing mums) are up to.
As well as the two attempted murder charges, he was convicted on seven other counts, including possession of nail bombs, three knives, a garrotte and an axe, as well as causing criminal damage to the Stormont building.
More than 1,000 incriminating files were found on the laptop, including details of "household torture techniques" and documents detailing how to get rid of a body or make a garrotte.
In the letter, dated November 24 -the day of the attack - and sent to a Belfast newspaper, Stone said he would be armed with seven nail-bombs, three knives, an axe, a garrotte and body armour.
Equally, none of the male evil-doers have come close to Connie James, a doublecrossing spook who looked like Miss Marple then slit a colleague's throat with a garrotte wire pulled from her bra.
As well as two attempted murder counts, father-of-nine Stone was convicted of seven charges, including possession of nail bombs, three knives, a garrotte and an axe.
He was also charged with possession of explosives with intent to endanger life, possession of an imitation firearm and possession of articles for terrorist purposes, including nail bombs, an axe and a garrotte.
Few experts believe a girl who was slowly strangled with a garrotte was killed by accident.
He noted it was ``very unusual'' for a suicide candidate to garrotte themselves without using a scarf to protect the skin on their neck from cutting.
Stone was charged with having explosives with intent to endanger life, an imitation gun, nail bombs, an axe and garrotte.
The one-time loyalist icon was armed with knives, an axe, garrotte and a bag containing explosive fireworks, flammable liquids, a butane gas canister and fuses.