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Exposee a "une realite feerique qui porte uniquement sur la garniture, car la vocation 'distinguee' du magazine lui interdit d'aborder les problemes reels de l'alimentation" (Mythologies 129), la lectrice des fiches-cuisine ELLE reve d'un monde conforme a la hauteur de ses aspirations.
Let every lover of genuine morality tear away the garniture which is thrown around vice, and by which it is emboldened to walk abroad into society [and thus] carry us further and further from the paths of purity ...
And there by lucky hap had been preserved A straggling volume, torn and incomplete, That left half-told the preternatural tale, Romance of Giants, chronicle of Fiends Profuse in garniture of wooden cuts Strange and uncouth; dire faces, figures dire, Sharp-knee'd, sharp-elbowed, and lean-ankled too, With long and ghostly shanks--forms which once seen Could never be forgotten!
I definitely wanted some added texture here, and thought of the old 90s garniture of shredded, deep-fried leeks, which then got me thinking about bhajis.
On 16 March, Sotheby's New York offers a complete imperial five-piece altar garniture in gilt-bronze and cloisonne enamels ($300,000-$500,000).
La fosse remonte au dixieme siecle de l'age des Vikings et les objets funeraires places dans le bateau comprennent une hache de fer, une peau de vache dans laquelle le corps etait enveloppe et des restes d'oreiller constitues d'une garniture de plumes et d'une etoffe en laine.
This singular garniture was taken (I am told) from a great Turkish nobleman at the battle of Podhajce.
The dense forest, with its luxuriant garniture, is varied here and there by park-like slopes, thinly sprinkled with ancient oaks ...
He is rescued from it, we know not how--by nothing less than miracle--by a celestial majesty and beauty, and some quality of which these are the outward garniture. (4:339-40) Hawthorne concludes,
Barberry fruits are used as a garniture in Persian food and in preparing juices, flake, honey, sauces, jellies, carbonated drinks, candy, food color powder, jam, marmalade, chocolates, and fruit nectars [3].
Among the lots are two pairs of George III cut-glass decanters from the latter half of the 18th century; a pair of Italian neoclassical blue and white-painted and carved console tables from circa 1780; and a Dutch Delft blue and white garniture of five vases and covers from circa 1723-43.
There are souvenirs from war-torn countries, a chimney garniture,
Armadni kruhy zustanou u moci, lze vsak ocekavat navrat ke korenum sunnitskeho islamu i v Syrske arabske republice, kde navic neni vetsina vericich dle konfesniho klice pocetneji zastoupena ve vladni garniture ani ve vyssich patrech politiky na narodni urovni.