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a court order to an employer to withhold all or part of an employee's wages and to send the money to the court or to the person who won a lawsuit against the employee

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Best you can tell it's probably in an environment where they're being paid under the table or being paid as a 1099 [independent contractor] employee, and in some way avoiding paying the garnishment," he said.
11) Further, only "disposable earnings" are exempt from garnishment, which are the judgment debtor's earnings after withholdings required by law.
In the Matheny case, a law firm was presented with a writ of garnishment after it had presented a trust account check, disbursing proceeds of a case, to a client but before the client had presented the check to a bank for payment.
Note that garnishment for wages due to unpaid federally issued or guaranteed student loans is limited to 10% of disposable income.
Most times they resent having to contact me, so I immediately thank them for calling, express concern for what they are facing, and indicate I am not judging them but only wondering if I can help in some way, At that point, most of them feel comfortable enough to begin asking me questions about the garnishment.
Simply put, a garnishment is a court order for an employer to withhold wages to be applied as payment of debt.
The garnishment order affected the entire Comprehensive Funding Arrangement's ("CFA") monthly allocation to God's Lake First Nation, leaving the community with no funds to manage the reserve and maintain services to its members.
For example, the law authorizes deductions from an employee's pay when it is legally required, such as for taxes or money to satisfy a garnishment or child support order.
In private letter rulings 200342007 and 200426027, the service said "the general anti-alienation rule of IRC section 401 (a)(13) does not preclude a court's garnishing the account balance of a fined participant in a qualified pension plan in order to collect a fine imposed in a federal criminal action" The IRS cited favorably three recent federal district court cases that concluded that ERISA plans were subject to garnishment to satisfy criminal fines under the Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act of 1977 (FDCPA).
In Massachusetts, a technology employee, upset over an ensuing wage garnishment, opened fire on co-workers and killed seven.
ISSUE: It may surprise many to learn that if an employee has his wages attached or garnished, and his employer, having been duly served with a writ of attachment or garnishment, fails to timely file the necessary affidavit as to the amount of wages on hand at the time of the service of process, the employer can be held responsible for the total amount unpaid on the judgment.
52 in interest and a $60 fee for garnishment costs.