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Synonyms for garnishee

a wage earner who is served with a garnishment

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take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support

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The Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) has obtained an 'order nisi' to garnishee money belonging to Niger and Kogi states governments, domiciled in eight different banks in Minna and Lokoja.
[section]77.06(2) requires the garnishee to report in its answer and retain all funds maintained in its trust account created for the judgment debtor.
applied to garnishees, requires some interpretation.
(119) Walker also moved for a temporary restraining order to prevent the garnishee from making any payments to either ROC or ROC's national oil company.
Shortly thereafter, Winter Storm sought the attachment of TPI's assets held by potential garnishees in the Southern District of New York for the amount of its arbitration claim and had process served on two New York banks.
Alternatively, AME argued that any stop payment duty applied only to banks and thus was not applicable to AME as a nonbank garnishee.
1040), declines in phone answering to abysmal 50 percent connect rates, and delays and losses in attempted collection of delinquent receivables - all of which yield negative effects, including taxpayer irritation, garnishees, and foreclosures.
This approach would extend to payments made from the Worker's Compensation Board, Alberta Health Care, and payments under the Insurance Act which place restrictions on garnishees.
(401) Garnishees therefore take a risk that their clients are sophisticated when they disregard the restraining notice.
In Verizon, the debtor was in the business of supplying "voice-over-internet termination services." (586) The judgment creditor had domesticated a federal judgment from Massachusetts and had served restraining notices on the debtor and on various garnishees in New York.
New section 5222-a piles extra burdens on the shoulders of creditors who would restrain bank garnishees. (820) These restrictions equally apply to sheriffs levying under executions.
Some years before, the investors established an additional LLC--not one of the twenty-three garnishees just mentioned--to acquire a hotel in Chicago.