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Synonyms for garnishee

a wage earner who is served with a garnishment

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take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support

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However, given the vast panoply of weapons that the Family Responsibility Office already possesses to extract money from fathers (e.g., garnisheeing wages, suspending driver's licences, denying passports), those who don't want to devote their lives to dodging and tricking the FRO generally pay what's ordered, unless they simply can't.
He said the Defense Department has canceled more than 20% of its travel cards, has begun garnisheeing paychecks of employees with long-overdue bills and is using data mining technology to search for questionable purchases.
In fact, child support officials in numerous states are telling the media - without a trace of irony or shame - that the best way they've found to collect child support money in the recession is garnisheeing half of obligors' unemployment checks.
This power includes garnisheeing your wages, preventing you from renewing your driver's licence, and diverting your income tax return refund.
Mason his wish, signing an order garnisheeing the wages of Shaun M.