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Synonyms for garnishee

a wage earner who is served with a garnishment

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take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support

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order of attachment (63) on a debtor or a garnishee.
Another enforcement initiative available to judgment creditors is a court application for an attaching order pursuant to the Garnishee Act.
If the garnishee is successful there will not be enough CFA money left to pay for essential public services.
The court noted that the purpose of the statute making a garnishee liable for the entire obligation of a debtor is apparently to induce satisfaction of garnishment by threatening a garnishee with the penalty of being responsible for the entire amount of the debt owed to a creditor.
Creditors may garnishee benefits owed to workers under pension, insurance, and similar private plans regulated by the Federal Government.
The legal fee increase involves legal matters in which the Company's subsidiary is either a garnishee or holder of extensive subpoenaed records.
It is may seem strange that the sheriff has authority to negate the effect of the restraining notice, but, in the context of a garnishee who is a senior secured party, the matter makes sense.
The IRC gave MBC 14 days to follow the order but did not comply and Malopa through his attorney secured a garnishee order where MBC accounts, including the salaries account, were said to be frozen.
202) If the garnishee makes any payment to anyone other than the judgment creditor or into court once served with an attaching order, the payment is void and the garnishee is liable to pay the same to the extent of the judgment creditor's claim or to the extent of the debt or sum of money owing by the garnishee to the judgment debtor.
We conclude that Florida law imposes on both bank and non-bank garnishees the duty to retain funds held by the garnishee, even after a check on those funds has been drawn by the garnishee and delivered to the payee," the court held May 1 in Arnold, Matheny, and Eagan v.
When the government wants their money, they don't waste any time forwarding you threatening letters that say they're going to garnishee your income tax return.
The eight-year-old strolls home clear of Garnishee (D Mould) and Royal Relief (W Smith).
The motion urged the government to garnishee a portion of their ministerial salary as part of the repayment of loans owed to the government by corporations in which Mr.
He had even left a decent job as an Army recruiter, Baker says, because Uncle Sam was about to garnishee his pay for child support.