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Synonyms for garnishee

a wage earner who is served with a garnishment

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take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support

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(488) In the context of a third party garnishee, what could "otherwise disposing" mean but setting it off against some mutual debt?
Alternatively, AME argued that any stop payment duty applied only to banks and thus was not applicable to AME as a nonbank garnishee.
This clearly protects a garnishee and offers a valid discharge under the SCPA.
The circuit court's judgment against BidRX was also improper because this is a garnishment action, BidRX was not a garnishee, and the Becks offer no statutory authority to support an award against BidRX in this case.
Attachment covers all debts belonged to the debtor and kept by the garnishee until the time of reporting what he owned unless it is specified to attach to a particular debt.
The Bank alerted the county on Wednesday informing it that it had received a garnishee order requiring it to release the funds to the law firm of Ondabu advocates, prompting the governor to move to court.
AME provided that there is no difference between the garnishment duties imposed upon bank and nonbank garnishees, and specifically imposed a duty upon a lawyer garnishee whose trust account has been garnished for the debts owed by a judgment debtor client to inquire into the status of the trust account and stop payment on trust checks that are not certified or cashier's checks, even if such checks have been drawn and delivered by the lawyer garnishee.
Transcom Enhanced Services, Inc., a garnishee was able to evade a restraining notice by simply paying for services in advance, (531) Since the prepayments were not "pay[ing] over ...
Garnishee proceedings may be commenced against the debtor, among other legal proceedings, and in some provinces, including Alberta, provincial services such as motor vehicle registration and licensing may be suspended, and/or the debtor's name will be published on a dead-beat parents' list of debtors.
When the government wants their money, they don't waste any time forwarding you threatening letters that say they're going to garnishee your income tax return.
John Aspinall 74 Joint-owner of Harmon & Garnishee
The Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) has obtained an 'order nisi' to garnishee money belonging to Niger and Kogi states governments, domiciled in eight different banks in Minna and Lokoja.
At any stage of the proceedings before the sale is being made, the distrainee or garnishee may deposit an amount of money equivalent to the garnished debts and its interests and expenses.