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Synonyms for garnish

Synonyms for garnish

to furnish with decorations

Synonyms for garnish

something (such as parsley) added to a dish for flavor or decoration

any decoration added as a trimming or adornment

take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support

decorate (food), as with parsley or other ornamental foods

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Wages typically are garnished by court order, with the amount of the garnishment deducted from an employee's salary until a support obligation is satisfied or a debt, often with interest, costs and fees, is paid.
The court was notified of the garnished money on Feb.
Pour both ingredients in a martini glass, garnished with blackberries and raspberries.
To serve: Arrange the almond cookies next to a slice of bundt cake with mascarpone cream and grape jelly garnished with champagne grapes.
Bittermens Xocolatl Mole bitters Combine ingredients and serve neat, garnished with a grapefruit peel.
Classic Bloody Mary And for the morning after the night before, here's the classic Bloody Mary * 250ml tomato juice * 25ml vodka * 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce * Lime juice to taste * 3/4 or more drops of Tabasco' pepper sauce (to taste) * Lime slices and/or celery to garnish Blend and serve in a tall glass packed with ice and garnished with the lime slices.
SOURS are made from whiskey or brandy, lemon juice and sugar, shaken well and poured into a whiskey or Delmonico glass and garnished with fruit.
Ismail's Smile Like a Donut cocktail ($13) at Greek restaurant Kapnos mixes Beefeater 24 gin with Idoniko brandy and house-made grapefruit tonic, garnished with dill, juniper berries and dehydrated grapefruit.
The Disaronno Royal Blush is a blend of the Italian liqueur Disaronno made from herbs and fruits steeped in almond kernel oil, pineapple juice and creme de framboise, garnished with a sprig of Scottish heather to symbolise the town where the couple met.
Another drink from the list of a dozen cocktails, priced $9 to $11, is the Shiso Simple; an Asian-accented variation on a Pimm's Cup, which substitutes Japanese yuzu citrus juice for the lemon and is garnished with an aromatic shiso leaf--also borrowed from Japanese cuisine.