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having the color of garnet

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Best designer knockoffs were a pair of elegant silver sequin sandals by Hillard & Hanson for $38, and a garnet-colored evening bag in iridescent organza with a crystal-beaded handle.
Here are some lines from "The Circular Ruins," one of Borges's better-known stories: "He dreamed the heart warm, active, secret--about the size of a closed fist, a garnet-colored thing inside the dimness of a human body that was still faceless and sexless; he dreamed it, with painstaking love, for fourteen brilliant nights.
Named for the red garnet-colored stones found in the adjacent Platte River, 88-acre Ruby Hill Park was acquired in 1954.
The female attendants wore radiant garnet-colored gowns of matte satin.
Wassail is a "hush, garnet-colored strong ale," brewed with several specialty malts and hopped with four varieties of German Hallertau.
Before the long-but-fun evening was over, there was a collection of hats by London milliner Stephen Jones - modeled by live mannequins in skintight catsuits - and a dreamy collection of garnet-colored jersey evening gowns with faux fur stoles by L.
They, as well as California first lady Sharon Davis (wearing a dinner suit by her favorite designer, Pol Atteu), actress Angela Lansbury (who was stunning in a slinky garnet-colored velvet ensemble) and numerous members of the business community attended for the floor show - and to applaud the honorees.
If they look too touristy to you, try the beautiful garnet-colored glass bracelets at the Furla boutique.