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any of a group of hard glassy minerals (silicates of various metals) used as gemstones and as an abrasive

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"Give 4 Garnet is a great illustration of how smaller gifts can make a difference for a big institution," Jancy Houck, South Carolina vice president for development, said in a news release.
The observed differences in the metamorphic grade is supported by their occurrence in the field; amphibolites are restricted to the south while garnet amphibolites and eclogites to the north of the valley which is consistent with the increasing grade of metamorphism towards the collisional boundary (MMT).
Drug products manufactured at the Garnet Valley facility can be rapidly supplied into global patient trials and clinical pharmacology units, using tailored batch sizes and flexible dose adjustments.
Scangroup bought 51 per cent Ogilvy Africa in 2010 in cash and stock transactions worth $2.3 million that gave it minority stakes in eight media agencies across South and West Africa including Prima Garnet Communications Limited.
After running the annealing crystallization process, a nanocomposite garnet-type material [Bi.sub.0.5][Y.sub.2.5][Fe.sub.5][O.sub.12] was obtained, in which the X-ray diffraction (XRD) characterization experiments revealed the presence of bismuth-substituted yttrium iron garnet crystallites of average size 36 nm, and the crystal lattice parameter [a.sub.f]([+ or -]) = 12.450 [Angstrom].
I was delighted to re-acquaint myself with Garnet at an ATMS AGM in Noosa a couple of years ago.
At the time, there was a need for a better abrasive for sandpaper Garnet is a naturally inert sharp crystal with a hardness that falls between 7.5 and 8.5 on the Mohs scale--not far from diamonds, which rank as a 10--making it the perfect abrasive for woodworking applications.
9 has turned Dubai into a full collection with three new editions--Black Sapphire, Jade and Garnet.
A two-story commercial property at 595 Clinton Street, located between Centre and Garnet Streets in Red Hook, Brooklyn, was sold in an all-cash transaction valued at $6,400,000 to the City of New York.
The metamorphic rocks of the Silgara Formation in the Santander Massif (Figure 1) were metamorphosed to upper amphibolites facies during the Caledonian orogeny, developing a sequence of metamorphic zones (biotite, garnet, staurolite and sillimanite) that defines the regional thermal structure.
The Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM) presents Diana Garnet, Joe Inoue and The Beatmotors in Spinning Manila: J-Pop Live!
Ulatowski also mentioned encountering a different type of purple garnet since December 2014, represented as 'rhodolite' from Salima, Malawi.
They include a silver and red Pandora shoe charm, a gold ring with a garnet surrounded by opals and green stones, a gold ring with a blue sapphire and a gold necklace with a bean shaped garnet.