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any of a group of hard glassy minerals (silicates of various metals) used as gemstones and as an abrasive

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On the other hand, garnet porphyroblasts with sigmoidal inclusion trails are not a common feature of regional metamorphic rocks.
On the other hand, many petrologists would attribute the rare development of staurolite as compared with garnet, biotite and kyanite to a more restricted P-T range (Deer et al.
2008) An Excel spreadsheet to recast analyses of garnet into end-member components, and a synopsis of the crystal chemistry of natural silicate garnets.
The Asia Pacific is one of the key markets of the garnet industry apart from North America.
To process the raw material, Mohawk Garnet built a state-of-the-art wet plant near the quarry.
The results are interesting, firstly because garnet isopleths fall in the stability field of modelledmineral assemblages which are also observed under the microscope.
Dave Warmund, vice president, Trepp said AZ Garnet is ranked among the most well-regarded loan sale advisors in the nation, representing a who's who of banks, insurance companies, realty finance firms and special servicers.
The researchers synthesised garnet in heated, pressurised containers and measured how fast it degraded as the temperature and pressure were lowered, simulating ascent through Earth's mantle.
The work may also include preparation, design and specification of pilot plant configuration for garnet beneficiation, Nordic Mining said.
The introductory chapter, by Smithsonian collection manager Paul Powhat, is called "The Garnet Group: Fifteen Species, Endless Variety.
Since being clamped, Garnet has adamantly refused to pay the pounds 440 he was initially charged, or the pounds 50 per day ever since for Elite Parking to store his Volvo in a secure compound - leaving him facing a potential bill of almost pounds 20,000.
WGI Heavy Minerals, Inc (TSX: WG), a US-based company that explores for mineral resources, has announced that it has temporarily ceased operations at the Emerald Creek Garnet (ECG) mine in Fernwood, Idaho, US.
But today she is photography studio manager for Garnet Hill, an apparel and home furnishings catalog company based in Franconia.
The first of these is pyrope garnet, the name coming from the Greek word for fiery.
Garnet removal systems continuously remove abrasive garnet that collects in waterjet catch tanks, maximizing production and reducing downtime.