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A garment worker or his/her heirs would get 3,00,000 taka from the fund in case of death or grave injuries during their work.
Mina continued describing her life as a garment worker, "If I am a little late, my supervisor criticizes me a lot, and threatens me that I will lose my job.
A tragic factory collapse in Bangladesh last April has raised awareness of the grim working conditions faced by garment workers who produce much of the clothing worn in the U.
The garment workers posed for the pictures at Enam Medical College, in Savar, near the capital of Dhaka.
The Garment Worker Center ("Garment Worker Center" or "Center") was created in 2001 by a coalition of garment worker advocates from several immigrant rights groups who have been helping garment workers for many years--Sweatshop Watch, (38) Asian Pacific American Legal Center ("APALC"), (39) Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles ("CHIRLA"), (40) and Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates ("KIWA").
Susana Rendon, a garment worker, was always confronting her bosses:
Guerilla Media and MediAttaq of Montreal launched the joint campaign with a humourous and direct attack against the exploitation of female garment workers in Canada and abroad.
This arrangement benefits clothing manufacturers, who exploit unlawfully cheap labor while passing potential legal hassles on to contractors, many of whom started out as garment workers.
Most of the garment workers live in hostels to work and pay for their further studies.
The basic minimum monthly salary of a garment worker is a mere $25.
Through Americanization, and in particular the imposition of American gender norms, the Jewish immigrant garment worker could be trained to accept the "manual work which falls his lot.
According to the Garment Worker Center, which organized the boycott, employees at six Forever 21 subcontractor factories work for subminimum wages, with no paid overtime, and in dirty, dangerous conditions.
The GMAC statement came after tens of thousands of garment workers in various factories have gone on strike since Wednesday, a day after the government decided to raise a monthly minimum wage for a garment worker to 95 U.
Dhaka, Jumada II 26, 1434, May 6, 2013, SPA -- Bangladeshi police are investigating possible murder charges against the owner of a shoddily built factory that collapsed nearly two weeks ago after the wife of a garment worker crushed in the accident filed a complaint, AP reported.
As illustrated in Figure 5, garment creation and distribution are controlled by a series of intermediaries between the garment worker and the consumer.