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In another example, Bracamonte, an outspoken garment worker, said:
(VANCOUVER) Teams of activists in Vanccouver marked International Women's Day this year by attaching new and improved garment tags on Liz Claiborne designs in Eaton's and The Bay to bolster awareness of garment workers' working conditions.
This arrangement benefits clothing manufacturers, who exploit unlawfully cheap labor while passing potential legal hassles on to contractors, many of whom started out as garment workers. "The people reaping the benefit are not responsible at all," says Vivian Chang, an AIWA organizer.
Most of the garment workers live in hostels to work and pay for their further studies.
Bender analyses "the United States's first anti-sweatshop campaign," (3) focusing on Jewish ladies' garment workers in New York City and the union they created, the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union [ILGWU].
Garment workers marked the holiday season with a series of Saturday afternoon protests against Forever 21, a popular retailer of young women's clothing.
The prime minister was distributing cheques for compensation among crippled garment workers and family members of the deceased garment workers from a fund created by the readymade garment (RMG) sector at her office in Dhaka.
PHNOM PENH (CyHAN)- A short clash between anti-riot police and striking garment workers at the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone on Friday morning left three military police officers injured and three workers detained, a spokesman said.
Skilled garment workers, such as Christina Bautista who worked at the San Francisco Sewing Association for 22 years, are left with few employment opportunities and have been forced to take lower paying, nonunionized jobs in order to make a living.
A garment worker who gave his name only as Sambath and has lived there for more than two years, told The Post that the workers would accept the deal.
Garment worker Rabeya started protesting on the streets of Dhaka in early January to pressure her employer - one of Bangladesh's major suppliers to European clothing giant H and M - to pay a new minimum wage for its workers, Bloomberg reported on Saturday.
This is very embarrassing,' said Faiza, a garment worker quoted in the report.
Nineteen-year-old garment worker Ohn Mar, who works in a factory that makes vests, says she's worried that factory owners will cut target bonuses, for meeting a quota, long-term employment incentives or travel allowances.
We're scared to lose our jobs." She lives - with her sister, also a garment worker. "Sometimes we say that we should move out from here, but we have no options."
(1) About how much more is a garment worker's minimum monthly wage in Honduras than in Bangladesh?