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makers and sellers of fashionable clothing

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Ethnic/social Components of the Garment Industry There has been considerable discussion, some of it inspired by Weber's writings on Hinduism and Buddhism, of whether the existence of castes in South Asian societies constitutes a block on economic development (See Gellner, 2001: ch.
2 Source: Industry ministry, Data Consult Table--2 Number of workers in garment industry, 2002-2006 Year Workers Growth (%) 2002 350,901 0.
Ready-made garment industry is playing a very vital role in the developing countries.
Ross points out that although labor productivity in the American garment industry has outpaced productivity in the general economy, America is still hemorrhaging jobs in garments.
Once there, they were lobbied by the CNMI government and its allies in the garment industry to preserve its unique status under U.
Underneath the glitzy exterior of New York's garment industry exists a volatile and ruthless world where enterprises large and small rely on recent immigrant workers, most of them women, toiling under harsh conditions to create both clothing and livelihoods.
The focus on labor in the garment industry is given fuller context with Walter Fong's introduction to the history and operating practices of Chinese labor unions in the U.
The claim of changes brought about by the garments industry is thus based largely on the reports of garment industry workers alone.
Although the latest disaster occurred in a building said to conform to building codes, it is clear that working conditions in Bangladesh are appalling and building codes inadequate to ensure the safety of the men, women and even children who work in the garment industry.
The multibillion dollar American garment industry that we have today arose out of the 19th century 'rag trade' entrepreneurial business culture of Jewish tailors, cutters, pre4ssers, peddlers, and shopkeepers.
The Makkah province garment industry development and nationalization project aims to encourage Saudi women to join the garments industry.
Recently Cambodia has grown its garment industry exponentially as an increasing number of manufacturers look to the country to produce clothing at cheaper rates than in Europe, the US or other Asian countries.
Industries that suffered a decline in production included the garment industry, by 12.
Given the global nature of the garment industry, and of its shortcomings, improving workers' lot calls for a global solution.
Textile Ministry sources on Monday said readymade garment industry has emerged as one of the important small scale industries in the country as its products have large demand both at home and abroad.