garment cutter

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someone who cuts cloth etc

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Hubbard, a garment cutter and union leader, founded the Seattle Catholic Interracial Council in 1964 and later the Seattle Black Catholic Lay Caucus.
This is bad enough in an office setting; it is devastating to a manufacturer or garment cutter. The only way I was able to offset this disadvantage was by adjusting our asking price.
Mr Oates was a garment cutter until his retirement and although he was never a professional artist, he continued to paint as a hobby.
The study followed the journeys of the employees since they were made redundant and found that, despite building up a lifetime of skills as garment cutters, machinists, supervisors and inspectors, many found themselves as "unskilled workers" starting over again.
Take the Knights of Labor, about whom the authors write, "[Their] organic view of social relations challenged the atomization of factory and city life [and] resulted in an organizing method which built on existing strenghts and solidarities in working-class communities.' The Knights began in 1869 as a secret association of skilled garment cutters and shoe workers who wanted to stop the machine-driven division of labor which was degrading their trades.