garment bag

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a suitcase that unfolds to be hung up

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While Vertx's Professional Garment Bag is actually a garment bag, it is designed with discreet accommodations for a short-barrel rifle (SBR), sub-gun or AR pistol so long as its overall length is 28 inches or less.
Skinner Sights has expanded its soft-goods line with a discreet case that, when zipped shut, appears to be an ordinary garment bag. It holds a long gun, two handguns in detachable holsters, three 30-round rifle mags, 8 handgun mags, knife, flashlight and accessories.
I've also taken to hiding the shotgun case in a garment bag and carrying it by a hanger because the locals throw red paint when they see me carrying a gun.
Rent the Runway sends its clothes in a reusable garment bag, which it says saves an estimated 287 tons of shipping waste each year.
An adopted weekend haunt makes a nice backdrop for winter's soft gothic clothes--it's easy to imagine finding impossibly light tulle gowns in some moth-desiccated garment bag in an attic, or the joy of trying on a stranger's deep-ribbed turtleneck with extra-extra-long sleeves.
Detectives found it in a black garment bag stashed underneath the bathroom counter.
But when British industrial designer Tom Dixon was brought to the label to create a capsule collection, he wanted to incorporate what he calls an "anti-fashion sensibility." He succeeds with his Padded Coat, a down trench that converts into a sleeping bag, one of the all-in-one performance goods in Dixon's collection for the spring/summer 2014 line (another is a backpack that transforms into a hanging garment bag).
The two have become friends, and Daniels even lent O'Connell a garment bag to travel to California for his job interview to keep his suit looking sharp.
The Log6 comes complete with a plastic hose you can hook into a garment bag and a timer to set your desired length for treatment.
"They give you a garment bag with 2012 Masters champ on it and it's been sitting in that bag in the back of my closet at our house in Scottsdale, I haven't seen it.
While he exited with the two women, he carried a garment bag of his own.
This putrid combination of contaminates was literally cleansed from my duds by a 35-minute treatment of ozone in a sealed garment bag while I ate lunch.
The maximum size of a folding garment bag is 57 x 54 x 15 cm.- TradeArabia News Service
his garment bag or the lady screaming for her shoes.